Pack Tek Packing Workbenches

Fully Customisable Packing Workbenches

We are a proud manufacturer of Workbenches and are pleased to offer the Pack Tek Workbench Range. This range of packing workbenches has been designed to offer the user flexibility and maximum efficiency when used in packing environments and production lines.


The Pack Tek range is available in two designs, Individual and Dual. Our Individual packing workbench allows the user to fit full-length accessories, including under bench roll holders, back panels and cutting knives. The Dual Workbench can be fitted with split panel accessories and under-bench trolleys which provide adaptability when customising a bench.

These workshop benches are available in a range of kits, which have been configured to suit a multitude of users and their requirements.

With our experienced sales team, you will be sure to find the appropriate Packing Workbenches for your workplace requirements.

For further information on the Pack Tek Workbench range, please send your enquiry to our friendly sales team on: +44(0)1384 899800 or alternatively you can email us at: