Self-Assembly Workbenches

The knock down benches range are perfect for everyday use and are available in two designs. The first design is our Square Tube Workbenches which are robustly manufactured and are easy to build on-site. These steel workbenches offer a weight load of 250KG UDL and are available in various sizes to suit your requirements. Our second design is our Cantilever Workbenches, this style of workbench offers a cantilever construction which means the workshop bench allows maximum capacity for leg room for the user. 


Industrial Workbenches

For a heavier duty workshop bench that’s suitable for areas such as industrial workshops, engineering or manufacturing facilities, then choose our Heavy Duty Workbenches. These workshop benches are manufactured from a high gauge of steel, unlike our everyday Standard Workbenches, this range is fully welded. Having a fully welded bench provides the user with a maximum strength workbench and offers an impressive weight load of 1200KG.

UK Manufactured Workbenches

Every workbench design differs depending on the manufacturer, but often you'll find that with other industrial workbenches on the market you'll be choosing between a low price or a high quality, but we say why can't you have both? We are a UK workbench manufacturer and have been manufacturing steel workbenches for over 60 years. Our UK workbenches are among the best in the business and still are available at a competitive price.

Height Adjustable Workbenches

We have a range of high quality height adjustable steel workbenches, these being our Binary Electric Height Adjustable Workbenches, the Premium Height Adjustable and Cost Saver Height Adjustable Workbenches. Workplaces are seeing more height adjustable benches being installed into offices due to the health and well-being benefits offered by this method. By using height adjustable workbench allows employees to get regular movement out of their seated workstation and has a number of proven benefits including helping to lower blood sugar levels, lower risk of Heart Disease, reduce back pain and help improve mood and energy levels which is great to boost productivity levels within the workplace.

Anti Static ESD Benches

Our range of Antic-Static Benches are ideal for use within the electronics industry, by offering a robust workbench with ESD properties. Just like our Standard everyday Workbenches, the ESD Workbenches have the same framework design but have built in anti-static dissipative features.

Packaging and Assembly Workbenches

Our range of Packaging and Assembly Benches and Mailroom Workbenches are perfect for use within warehouse packing areas, production packaging lines, assembly areas, post rooms or mail sorting facilities. These robust steel workbenches are manufactured to a high quality standard which allows the user to use these benches daily. Each Pack Tek Packaging Workbench is available with a selection of below and above packing station accessories, making this a great bench for storing packaging equipment and having the items to hand when required.

Stainless Steel Workbenches

Our range of Stainless Steel Workbenches are perfect for use in areas such as kitchen restaurants or catering facilities for food preparation, hospitals or laboratories or any other environments where hygiene is essential. These workbenches are manufactured from a heavy gauge of stainless steel, this being 1.5mm thick and are designed with an ''easy clean'' removable worktop. This workbench range is also available with a selection of accessories to kit out the bench including, stainless steel lower and upper shelves, stainless steel single drawer and storage cupboard.

Our Quick Ship UK Workbenches

We believe that ensuring quicker lead times for our core range of Industrial Steel Workbenches are essential. That's why we have our best selling workbenches stocked in our warehouse, and available on a 5 working day delivery service are our Square Tube Workbenches, ESD Square Tube Workbenches, Cantilever Workbenches, ESD Cantilever Workbenches and Heavy Duty Workbenches.

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