CoSHH & Hazardous Substance Storage Cupboards

Having separate and secure storage for hazardous substances is extremely important in the workplace. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality CoSHH Cupboards and Hazardous Cupboards that can help you comply with the regulations demanded by CoSHH. The CoSHH regulations were put into place to prevent or reduce workers from exposure of harmful hazardous substances. Most businesses today use harmful substances within the workplace, therefore our range of CoSHH Cupboards and Hazardous Cupboards are vital with CoSHH regulations. We also offer an extended range of Acid / Alkali Cupboards, Flammable Liquid Cupboards and Pesticide and Agrochemical Cupboards and Petroleum & Flammable Liquid Cupboards, each one of these steel cupboards is available in a selection of sizes. This means that you'll easily be able to find the correct sized cupboard for your desired space.


General Workplace Cupboards

Our general Workplace Storage Cupboards are perfect for everyday use within offices, industrial environments, warehousing and commercial areas. These Workplace Cupboards are available in 3 designs which include floor cupboards, mobile cupboards and wall-mounted cabinets. Each design is available in various size options to suit your individual storage requirements.

Fully Welded Security Cupboards

We have a wide variety of steel cupboards within our range, however, our Security Cupboards are perfect for use within workplaces where an extra level of security is required, this could be for the secure storage of valuable equipment, materials and sensitive documentation. These fully welded cupboards are constructed from 1.2mm gauge of steel and have a fully welded construction with many security features including, full-length piano hinges which ensure no entry is made from the side of the cupboard door, a seven lever safe lock handle with an anti-pick locking mechanism and internal concealed fixings to strengthen the door that little bit more. This is one of those cupboards you certainly don’t want to lose the key to!

PPE Cupboards

Many industrial workplaces now have to comply with the health and safety law which demands employees and employers to store Personal Protective Equipment or wear it correctly and clearly identified with a personal protective equipment sticker. The storage items could range from gloves, eye protection, ear protection or personal protective wear such as hard hats or high visibility jackets. When dealing with a lot of personal protective equipment or wear, the ideal and easy storage way would be a tidy and labelled PPE cupboard or PPE Locker. Not only is there a secure space for personal protective equipment or wear within the PPE Cupboard, but it’s an excellent way to maintain stock levels.

First Aid Equipment Storage Cupboards

We design and manufacture a high-quality range of highly visible first aid storage products that are perfect for any workplace. This range includes First Aid Storage Cupboards and First Aid Security Cupboards. All of these high-quality products are designed to provide the workplace with a highly visible storage solution to hold and maintain first aid stock and equipment.


UK Cupboards Manufacturer

Often you'll find with other cupboards on the market you'll be choosing between a low price or high quality but here at QMP we say; why not both? We have manufactured steel cupboards for 30 years and have perfected both the design and efficiency of the manufacturing process. This being said, our steel cupboards are among the best in the business and still are available at a competitive price.


Our Fast Ship Cupboards

We believe that ensuring quicker lead times for our core range of Steel Cupboards are essential. That's why we have our best selling cupboards stocked in our warehouse, and available on a 5 working day delivery service are our Hazardous Cupboards and General Workplace Cupboards.  

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