Industrial Safety Barriers

We design and manufacture a range of steel high quality warehouse and industrial Barriers. These Barriers are ideal for use within industrial factories, warehouses or factory shop floors. Each Barrier is powder coated in a highly visible yellow paint making these perfect for their purpose, where it's protecting doorways with our Protective Posts, around machinery with our Fully Welded Barriers or our Racking Protection Barriers which are ideal protection around pallet racking bays. All of our Barriers have an all-steel fully welded construction and offer the workplace a perfect solution for cost-effective safety.


Warehouse Barriers

Within our Barrier range, we have designed a range of warehouse safety Barriers which are perfect for any warehouse. These include our Protective Posts which are available in various sizes perfect for doorway protection from any accidental damage. Low Level Barriers which are designed to protect machinery or items located at a lower level within warehouses or industrial environments, where forklifts or pump trucks are frequently used and our Racking Protection Barriers which are perfect for protecting end of pallet racking bays within a warehouse.  

Walkway Barriers

Available in our Barrier range are styles that are ideal for use for walkways by defining them. Our Lift Out Rail Barriers are perfect for walkways and offers an easy removable rail which allows access to an area if required, whereas our Round Tube Barrier Rails are fully welded and offer a heavy duty modular design but without the ''lift out'' access. The Guard Barriers are also perfect for defining walkways and protecting thoroughfares and are available in different configurations to suit the users requirements. 

Stocked UK Manufactured Barriers

When it comes to making a warehouse or workplace safe for employees and employers, time is of the essence. We offer a high quality range of high visible barriers including our Fully Welded Straight Barriers and Low Level Barriers which are ideal for use defining walkways or acting as a protective barrier system around machinery, the Racking Protection Barriers for end of pallet racking bays, Protective Posts ideal for the protective of building doors from any accidental damage and our Guard Barriers perfect for protecting thoroughfares around machinery or warehouse shelving.

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