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UK Manufactured Trucks & Trolleys

We manufacture a wide range of Trucks & Trolleys perfect for the workshop and areas such as industrial, commercial or warehouse. Our fully welded steel trolleys are available in various configurations to suit the user's requirements, ranging from our Heavy Duty Sack Trucks to our Boxwell Cage Trolleys providing the workshop durable and high quality trolleys for transportation of heavy goods or equipment around the workplace easily. 


Workshop Trolleys

We offer a high quality range of workshop trolleys to the workplace, which come in various sizes, configurations which come trucks and trolleys being designed to suit a certain purpose. For instance, our Packaging Trolleys and Mailroom Trolleys are perfect for use within the packaging industry and the Mailroom Trolleys great for mailrooms or post sorting offices. A few more to mention are our heavy duty Mobile Maintenace Trolleys which are very heavy duty and are perfect for use within workshops, garages or industrial manufacturing areas. Our Cardboard Trolleys are ideal for the storage and transport of cardboard sheets and flat pack cardboard boxes. These trolleys can be loaded with cardboard and positioned alongside our Pack Tek Packaging Workbenches.

Heavy Duty Sack Trucks

Our Sack Trucks are practical and versatile and are manufactured from high quality steel and constructed from fully welded tubular steel, this offers great strength and durability to the user. These Sack Trucks are available in various load capacities and come with a choice of mesh infill backs or open. Not only are these high quality sack trucks great for any working environment, but are also offered in a selection of bright and bold colours.

Mesh and Plywood Trolleys

We have designed a range of high quality hand trucks and trolleys which have robust plywood sides or strong steel mesh infills. These style of steel trolleys are ideal for any workplace environment including warehouses, commercial areas or factory shop floors. The Mesh and Plywood Trolleys are available with half or fully closed sides for load retention, and are available in a range of configurations with bold standard framework colours.

Boxwell Cage Trolleys

We offer our Boxwell Cage Trolleys in various sizes and in two options which include our Standard Boxwells, which are ideal for use within any working environment providing sturdy mobile shelving and transportation system for areas such as, warehouses and factory workshops. Our other Boxwell range are our Hazardous Boxwell Cages these are great for use of the safe and separate storage of hazardous items or substance. Our Hazardous Substance Cages have all correct identification that help comply with CoSHH regulations within the workplace. 

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