UK Manufactured Steel Pallets and Stillages

We offer a range of heavy duty pallets capable of holding an impressive amount of weight. With a maximum weight load of between 500KG and 1000KG, these steel pallets are also available in a wide range of pallet configurations including our Box Pallets, Half-Drop Side Pallets, Post Pallets, Detachable Side Pallets, Open Fronted Pallets and Chute Pallets. All of the designs expect our Post Pallets and Chute Pallets are available with either a durable mesh infill or all sturdy steel side and back panels.

These metal pallets are perfect for any warehouse or industrial environment where storage space for boxes or small stocked items are required. When space is at a premium these pallets can be stacked up to 5 units high, depending on the user's requirements and weight load of the items being stored. By stacking the pallets this gives the space saving storage system ideal for any warehouse materials and equipment.


Mesh Pallets

Within our range of heavy duty pallets and stillages, we have available an option that is designed with mesh infill side and back panels. These are particularly ideal when storing items within a warehouse or industrial environment where you need to see the contents, for such as stock purposes.

Post Pallets

Our range of high quality steel Post Pallets are ideal for any workplace environment which may have the requirement to stack materials or stocked items. These Post Pallets are easy stackable up to 5 units high making this style of pallet ideal for manufacturing areas for easy access to storage and having the materials on hand.

Chute Pallets

These heavy duty Chute Pallets have a load capacity of 500KG and are perfect for use within industrial, warehouse and workplace environments. These pallets can be stacked up to 5 units high, giving the user a large amount of storage area in a relatively small amount of floor space.

Drum Storage Shelters

Our Drum Storage Shelters are designed for the safe and secure storage of cylinders, drums or components. These built to last steel shelters are available with a number of different door options to suit the user's individual circumstances including open, galvanised and mesh infill gated front. These covered shelters provide a facility to store items securely and are built from square section steel frame.

Drum Racks

Within our Drum Storage range we manufacture our drum racks, these are powder coated dark blue and are great to use within our drum storage shelters. They provide secure drum storage for up to 2 drum units per rack, with the drum storage shelters being capable to hold 2 racks. Incorporated into the design are fully welded fork lift guides making this easy to manoeuvre by a fork lift truck.

Steel Sump

The Steel Drum Sump is perfect for use with our drum racks to capture any spillages from the drum cylinders. The sump is powder coated light grey framework with fully welded fork lift guides to help move the sump by a fork lift truck when needed.

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