Tilting Shelf Trolleys

Our Tilting Shelf Trolleys are perfect for any workplace and provide an all in one shelving storage for the user. This trolley design features adjustable shelves fitted to the framework giving the user the option to use with Plastic Open Fronted containers for small parts storage or hand tools.

  • As standard, the trolley is fitted with 2 x 75mm Nylon swivel castors and 2 x 75mm Nylon swivel castors with brakes.
  • Shelves are able to be tilted towards the front with the use of a quick release lever. Shelves supplied 500x500mm or 750x500mm.
  • Holes are supplied on the outside of both vertical frames to enable the trolley to carry a 400mm service duct if required.
  • Additional shelves can be positioned at increments of 100mm.
  • Additional base tray and service ducts sold separately.
  • Designed in the UK by QMP, a proud Trolley Manufacturer.
Grouped product items
Code Product Info Price / Qty
 /l/i/light_grey_8.jpg RTITSHELF500 RTITSHELF500 - Fixed Shelf - 500mm Width
 /l/i/light_grey_8.jpg RTIL145866LX RTIL145866LX - Tilting Shelf Trolley - H.1450 W.580 D.660 - Fitted with 2 Tilting Adjustable Shelves
 /l/i/light_grey_8.jpg RTIL148366LX RTIL148366LX - Tilting Shelf Trolley H.1450 W.830 D.660 - Fitted with 2 Tilting Adjustable Shelves
 /l/i/light_grey_8.jpg RTILSERV400X RTILSERV400X - Service Duct 400mm Length
 /l/i/light_grey_8.jpg RTILBASE500X RTILBASE500X - Base Tray - 500mm Width
 /l/i/light_grey_8.jpg RTILBASE750X RTILBASE750X - Base Tray - 750mm Width
 /l/i/light_grey_8.jpg RTILADSHELF5 RTILADSHELF5 - Adjustable Tilting Shelf - 500mm Width
 /l/i/light_grey_8.jpg RTILADSHELF7 RTILADSHELF7 - Adjustable Tilting Shelf 750mm Width
 /l/i/light_grey_8.jpg RTITSHELF750 RTITSHELF750 - Fixed Shelf - 750mm Width