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The storage of hazardous substances is crucially important. With the implementation of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) regulations in 2002, employers have a duty of care to ensure these substances are properly stored. QMP’s wide range of chemical storage solutions is ideal to ensure the safety of workplace employees.

Hazardous substances

How do the regulations protect
employees in the workplace?

The regulations protect employees and other persons from hazardous substances used in workspaces. This is done via risk assessment, control of exposure, health surveillance as well as incident planning. There are also duties on employees to take care of their own exposure to hazardous substances.

Hazardous Substances Cupboard

QMP’s Chemical Storage Solutions

QMP’s full range of chemical storage cupboards can hold a variety of hazardous materials. These are Hazardous substance cupboards, CoSHH Cupboards, Acid/Alkali Cupboards, Pesticide & Agrochemical Cupboards, and Flammable Liquid Cupboards.
The cupboards have designated purposes to ensure hazardous materials are correctly and safely stored. The cupboards are also available in security version for an extra level of safety to employees.
Find out more about our cupboards below.

Hazardous Substance Cupboards

One of our best-selling Cupboards is the yellow Hazardous Cupboard range. These cabinets are kept in stock in our onsite warehouse facility and available on a 5 day working lead time. There are many sizes to choose from including floor standing, small, medium or large, wall-mounted, floor chests and mobile. They are also perfect for all types of workplace environments and help comply with the CoSHH regulations. The cabinets are securely locked with a ‘no snag’ 2-point locking system, whereas the floor chest are securely locked with a hasp and staple lock.

Hazardous Substances Cupboard

CoSHH cupboard

CoSHH Cupboards

A sleek and stylish Cupboard with properties to help comply with CoSHH regulations. Our range of CoSHH Cupboards are powder coated in graphite grey. Moreover, just like our Hazardous range, these cabinets come in a wide variety of sizes including, floor, wall-mounted, floor chests and mobile. By offering many sizes we allow the workplace to choose the exact size specification they require. The Cupboards are lockable by a no-snag 2-point locking system, whereas the floor chests are secured by a hasp and staple lock.

Acid/Alkali Cupboards

The Acid / Alkali Cupboards are perfect for storing caustic or hazardous materials within the workplace. Powder coated white with the correct warning labels supplied for those types of materials/substances.

Furthermore, the Acid / Alkali Cabinets are available in a range of sizes including floor standing, wall-mounted and mobile units all with a no-snag 2-point locking system.

Acid/Alkali Cupboard

Pesticide & Agrochemical Cupboard

Pesticide & Agrochemical Cupboards

The Pesticide & Agrochemical Cupboards offer a slightly different design within the cupboard. This being a perforated door design for extra ventilation. These cabinets are perfect for the secure storage of pesticide and agrochemicals around the workplace and come in a variety of cabinet sizes. These range from small, medium, large and also as a mobile unit. The locking mechanism is the same as our other Hazardous storage cabinets and features a no-snag 2-point locking system.

Flammable Cupboards

Our Flammable Liquid Cupboards are available in a variety of sizes depending on the storage requirements of the user. The Flammable Liquid Storage Cupboards provide secure storage of flammable chemicals such as hazardous materials, liquids and sprays. The secure locking mechanism for the cupboard is a 2-point locking bar and handle. The Flammable Floor chests locks via a hasp and staple lock for the customer to secure with their own padlock.

Flammable Cupboards

How can you prevent exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace?

  • Find out what the health hazards are and decide how to prevent them by a risk assessment.
  • Provide safe and secure storage for any harmful substances.
  • Make sure that the workplace keeps any hazardous substances controlled within a designated cupboard with correct labelling.
  • Provide employees with any information or training to help them follow the CoSHH Regulations.
  • Have plans in place for any hazardous emergencies.

Check out our full range of chemical storage solutions here.
If you need any assistance feel free to get in touch with our friendly sales team.

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