• QMP Jargon Buster

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    Check out the QMP Jargon Buster!Does the workbench feature a Neostat or Lamstat top?Is the locker coated with Active Technology Paint? Do all these abbreviations and terminology create more questions than answers and just leave you feeling a confused? We’ve put together this Jargon Buster that will help you to ...read more

  • FAQ: Workbenches


    How High Are Workbenches? Workbench heights can differ depending on whether it is a height adjustable or a standard static workbench. The QMP standard workbenches such as the Square Tube, Cantilever and Heavy Duty Benches are available at 840mm as standard, with the option of either 760mm or 920mm. We ...read more

  • FAQ: Safety & Industrial Barriers


    How do Safety Barriers work? Safety Barriers work as a protection to the user or item. For example walkway safety barriers are for the safety of the staff / user, whereas industrial safety barriers are used for going around machinery or to protect machinery from any unwanted damage. What are ...read more

  • FAQ: Lockers


    What Lockers are the best for gyms? Any particular Locker design is great for a gym, however, the best locks to use within a gym are Latch Locks. These are excellent for gyms as the user can use their own padlock to secure their items. Check out our Standard Lockers ...read more

  • FAQ: Personal Protective Equipment


    What does PPE stand for? PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is any item that has been designed to protect a worker from harm whilst in the workplace. PPE helps protect the user against health and safety hazards. What are the types of PPE? The types of PPE can ...read more

  • FAQ: CoSHH & Hazardous Cupboards


    What is CoSHH? A law put in place in 2002 to prevent or reduce workers to any exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. CoSHH requires employers to safely store and control harmful substances that are hazardous to health. What does CoSHH stand for? CoSHH stands for the ”Control of ...read more