• Canteen Seating from QMP

    Within our vast range of Workplace Equipment and Storage products, sit’s our two designs of Canteen Seating. Both being perfect for use within any type of refreshment, rest or vending areas. Our Standard range comes readily available in various seating options with blue seat shells and on a 5 working ...read more

  • Anti Static Benches For The Industry

    When it comes to safety in the electronic assembly industry, it’s very important. Our range of Anti Static Benches provides protection to the user when working on electric items at a workbench. We have a wide range to choose from so you can be sure to find the right ESD ...read more

  • Industrial Heavy Duty Workbenches

    Heavy Duty by name, Heavy Duty by nature! Our Heavy Duty Workbenches are our largest bench load capacity within our vast range by having an impressive 1200KG UDL. This design sits perfectly within heavy-duty areas such as industrial workshops, manufacturing facilities, garages, and production plants. Unlike our other bench ranges, ...read more

  • Workplace Lockers From QMP

    Workplace Lockers

    Within our wide range of manufactured Workplace Storage and Handling Equipment, sit’s our Storage Lockers ideal for the workplace. Some of our Workplace Lockers include Express Lockers, Personal Effects and Standard Lockers. Each style of Locker that features within this blog, are perfect for many types of workplace environments. The ...read more

  • 5-Day Workbenches from QMP

    Here at QMP, we are a proud manufacturer of Workbenches – they are suitable for many environments such as industrial, manufacturing, electronic industry and in commercial or general premises. Our ranges provide the customer with a useful workbench for whatever their requirements are. Not only have we been manufacturing these ...read more

  • General Storage Workplace Cupboards

    Our Workplace Cupboards sit within our extensive range of steel storage cupboards. We have many different cupboards that we manufacture such as Hazardous Cupboards, CoSHH Cupboards, First Aid Storage Cupboards, Perforated Door Cupboards plus much more storage cupboard options! But, our Workplace Cupboards are apart of our best-selling ranges. These ...read more

  • Best Selling ESD Workbenches

    First of all, what does ”ESD” Mean? Well, ESD is short for Electrostatic Discharge. This is a sudden shock of electricity between two electrically charged objects. This is caused by contact with an electrical short. The ESD Workbenches are designed and manufactured for any electronic industry where the use of ...read more

  • Team Leader Workstations

    We manufacture a wide range of Workstations which are perfect for areas such as manufacturing, workshops or industrial areas. One, in particular, is our Team Leader Workstations. These are our 5 day delivered range which is configurated with lockable cupboards and drawers. Perfect for the tough environments such as the ...read more

  • Canteen Furniture From QMP

    Canteen Furniture

    We manufacture three ranges of Canteen Furniture which are perfect for all workplaces, refreshment areas or rest areas. The three ranges are our Standard Canteen Seating – our 5 day delivered seating. The Spectrum Colourful Seating and our BRAND NEW range of Covid Safe One Person Canteen Seating. Standard Canteen ...read more

  • Industrial Safety Barriers

    Industrial Safety Barriers – all manufacturing workshops and warehouse environments use these as a protection tool. This might be for defining walkways for the protection of employees or used for the protection of racking and shelving or materials. But, when it comes to choosing from our range of Industrial Safety ...read more