What is Germ Guard Active Paint?

Posted on October 19th 2020 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.


It is no surprise that with the COVID-19 Pandemic the world is being extra careful when it comes to touching items. We have been advised to wash our hands frequently, don’t touch your face, regularly refresh your hands with hand sanitizer and wear masks where needed – so why should our products be any different?

The majority of our products are used numerous times daily, take our Lockers and Workbenches for example – both of these ranges have a high touch surface rate.

So what is ‘Germ Guard Active Paint’?

Right so let’s keep this simple… the paint is a synthetic coating that contains chemical properties which prevent bacteria from infecting and reproducing on the surface or product. We apply this to our products reduces the risk of cross-contamination and avert the spread of diseases such as MRSA and E Coli and has shown to effectively fight against viruses, fungi and organic air pollutants.


Stop the spread of COVID and other harmful bacterias within your workplace

‘How does it work?’

As well as eliminating 99% of germs, it also prevents germs from transferring to skin that comes in contact with surfaces. The germs that might already be present on your hand are attracted to the germ guard coating and are eventually destroyed. Germ Guard is, therefore, effective at reducing the risk of infection from highly touched surfaces.

How is it applied to our products?

So, our products have gone through punching, bending and building – the next step is powder coating. Before the finished paint is applied, the product goes through the paint track where it is applied. The treatment process with last the lifetime of the product and offers superior anti-bacterial protection.


Watch our Pre-Treatment Powder Plant Tour Video below to find out more

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