• Hazardous Cupboards

    The storage of hazardous substances is crucially important within the workplace. Nobody wants to injure themselves at work now do they? Therefore, employers have a duty of care to ensure hazardous substances are properly stored. And that’s not just us at QMP saying this, with the implementation of the Control ...read more

  • Workplace Cupboards

    Workplace Cupboards offer users a secure location to store documents, stationery and equipment. The ‘No Snag’ handle has a 2-point locking system, providing high levels of security to our customers. Additionally, our strengthened doors offers better protection from any attempted break ins. Our Workplace Cupboards are designed and manufactured to ...read more

  • Coshh Cupboards at QMP

    Here at QMP, we offer a huge range of storage solutions for our customers. These individual storage requirements can vary as we cater for many types of workplaces. These include; Tool, PPE and Hazardous Substance Storage. Our Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, or Coshh, Cupboards are ideal for storing ...read more

  • Chemical & Hazardous Storage Cupboards

    Did you know? That within the workplace there are certain regulations to comply with when storing chemical and hazardous substances. There are many different types of cupboards and warning labels to choose from for suiting all eventualities. Our BIGGEST seller, this being the Hazardous Cupboards are available on a fast ...read more

  • General Storage Workplace Cupboards

    Our Workplace Cupboards sit within our extensive range of steel storage cupboards. We have many different cupboards that we manufacture such as Hazardous Cupboards, CoSHH Cupboards, First Aid Storage Cupboards, Perforated Door Cupboards plus much more storage cupboard options! But, our Workplace Cupboards are apart of our best-selling ranges. These ...read more

  • CoSHH Regulations in the workplace

    You are required by the CoSHH Regulations when in the workplace to follow certain methods of storing hazardous substance materials. But, what does it stand for and how can we comply with those regulations? What does ‘CoSHH’ mean? So, this stands for ”Control of Substances Hazardous to Health”. In simple ...read more

  • What is Germ Guard Active Paint?

      It is no surprise that with the COVID-19 Pandemic the world is being extra careful when it comes to touching items. We have been advised to wash our hands frequently, don’t touch your face, regularly refresh your hands with hand sanitizer and wear masks where needed – so why ...read more

  • 5 Day Delivery: Hazardous Substance Storage Cupboards

    Express Delivered Hazardous Cupboards Our fast ship range of Hazardous Cupboards help employers and employees comply with the control of hazardous substances in the workplace. These steel cupboards are available in various sizes including floor cupboards, floor chests, wall mounted and mobile. These Hazardous Cupboards are ideal for all workplace ...read more

  • FAQ: Personal Protective Equipment

    What does PPE stand for? PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is any item that has been designed to protect a worker from harm whilst in the workplace. PPE helps protect the user against health and safety hazards. What are the types of PPE? The types of PPE can ...read more

  • FAQ: CoSHH & Hazardous Substances Cupboards

    What is CoSHH? A law put in place in 2002 to prevent or reduce workers to any exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. CoSHH requires employers to safely store and control harmful substances that are hazardous to health. What does CoSHH stand for? CoSHH stands for the ”Control of ...read more