• Battle of the Cupboards

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    Within our wide range of Workplace Storage and Equipment products is our selection of Cupboards. Our First Aid Cupboards and First Aid Security Cupboards are the perfect storage solution for the workplace and are designed to meet a wide range of first aid requirements. But which of these two products ...read more

  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare cupboards

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    QMP’s extensive range of high-quality cupboards is perfect for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries. Whether it’s storage of hazardous materials, chemicals or medical equipment, QMP has the ideal storage solutions to suit any medical or laboratory environment.  Let’s take a closer look at our most suitable pharmaceutical and healthcare cupboards. Use ...read more

  • Warehousing & Distribution Cupboards


    QMP’s extensive range of high-quality cupboards is perfect for all types of workplace environments. Let’s take a closer look at the Warehousing and Distribution industry. Whether it’s storage of high value equipment, PPE or materials, QMP has the ideal solution to suit any industrial facility. Here are a selection of some ...read more

  • Cupboards for the Automotive Industry

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    QMP’s extensive range of high-quality cupboards is perfect for all types of workplace environments.Let’s take a closer look at our cupboards for the automotive industry. Whether it’s storage of tools, accessories or general products, QMP has the ideal storage solutions to suit any garage or workshop. Here are a selection of ...read more

  • How to store chemicals in the workplace

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    We use more hazardous chemicals in our everyday activities than we are aware of. This is especially true in a workplace environment. But do you know how to store chemicals in the workplace correctly? The impact of mismanagement of hazardous substances, poor safety and accidents can be fatal or result ...read more

  • Security Cupboards For Safe Storage

    QMP’s range of Security Cupboards provides further protection for any valuables you wish to keep safe and out of harm’s way. Our security cabinets ensure high security of storage against any unwanted access in the workplace and can withstand an incredible amount of wear and tear. This is thanks to ...read more

  • Chemical Storage Solutions

    The storage of hazardous substances is crucially important. With the implementation of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) regulations in 2002, employers have a duty of care to ensure these substances are properly stored. QMP’s wide range of chemical storage solutions is ideal to ensure the safety of ...read more

  • QMP’s First Aid Cupboard Range

    Our First Aid Cupboards sit within our broad range of steel storage cupboards. We offer both standard cupboards and Security Cupboards in our First Aid range. These cupboards are designed to meet the first aid obligations and requirements that every workplace have, whilst being sleek and convenient, too. First Aid ...read more

  • CoSHH Cupboards From QMP

    Let us help you to comply with the control of hazardous substances, as demanded by the CoSHH regulations, with our CoSHH Cupboards range! These are perfect for storing any substances that are hazardous to health and have a robust all-steel construction. Therefore, they are ideal for all workplace environments including ...read more

  • PPE Storage From QMP

    Within our vast range of workshop equipment, we manufacture a selection of PPE Storage Cupboards and PPE Lockers. This range is perfect for secure storage of personal protective wear or equipment for the workplace. The Cupboards and Lockers are available in various sizes and compartment options to suit your requirements. ...read more