• 5-Day Workbenches from QMP

    Here at QMP, we are a proud manufacturer of Workbenches – they are suitable for many environments such as industrial, manufacturing, electronic industry and in commercial or general premises. Our ranges provide the customer with a useful workbench for whatever their requirements are. Not only have we been manufacturing these ...read more

  • Best Selling ESD Workbenches

    First of all, what does ”ESD” Mean? Well, ESD is short for Electrostatic Discharge. This is a sudden shock of electricity between two electrically charged objects. This is caused by contact with an electrical short. The ESD Workbenches are designed and manufactured for any electronic industry where the use of ...read more

  • Modular Heavy Duty Workbenches

    Here at QMP, we have been manufacturing Workbenches since 1959. Now that’s quite some time to perfect the design and quality! Out of our entire range, three ranges spring to mind which are our Heavy Duty Workbenches, Euroslide Benches and Binary Electric Height Adjustable. These three workbench designs not only ...read more

  • Pack Tek Workbenches – Packing solutions

    Pack Tek Packing Workbenches Packaging is an important part of logistics and transport. If the appropriate precautions aren’t taken, items could be damaged in transit. Having our Pack Tek packaging Workbenches offer workers a designated space to efficiently package goods. Our range of Pack Tek Workbenches has a selection of ...read more

  • Height Adjustable Workbenches

    Height adjustable workbenches provide customers with a robust, long-lasting product designed and manufactured in the UK by QMP. Workplaces are seeing more height-adjustable benches being installed into offices due to the health and well-being benefits offered by this method. Using height adjustable workbench allows employees to get regular movement out ...read more

  • Heavy Duty Workbenches

    QMP has been manufacturing steel workbenches for over 60 years. Thats a LONG time but with all this experience we know whats needed to produce quality workbenches. After all – We are one of the best manufactures in the business not wavering on price or quality but delivering it as ...read more

  • Best Workbench for your Workplace

    When purchasing workbenches for your workplace, there are many things to consider. Workbench size, worktop options, with or without bench accessories… the list goes on. Within our extensive workbench range, we have many benches to suit certain workplace requirements. Such as Anti-Static requirements within the electronic industry or Light Duty ...read more

  • FAQ: Workbenches

    How High Are Workbenches? Workbench heights can differ depending on whether it is a height adjustable or a standard static workbench. The QMP standard workbenches such as the Square Tube, Cantilever and Heavy Duty Benches are available at 840mm as standard, with the option of either 760mm or 920mm. We ...read more

  • What is Germ Guard Active Paint?

      It is no surprise that with the COVID-19 Pandemic the world is being extra careful when it comes to touching items. We have been advised to wash our hands frequently, don’t touch your face, regularly refresh your hands with hand sanitizer and wear masks where needed – so why ...read more

  • QMP ESD Workbenches Installation – Buckinghamshire

    Our previous installation took place in February 2019 which featured a large number of ESD Square Tube Workbenches with additional accessories for a manufacturing site of Camera Electronics. These benches were perfect for the type of environment they were being situated within by offering protection throughout the bench whilst in ...read more