• Express Workbenches at QMP

    Here at QMP, we offer 5 workbench kits, all on express delivery! We believe that ensuring quicker lead times for our core range of Industrial Steel Workbenches is essential. That’s why we have our best-selling workbenches stocked in our warehouse on-site. Therefore, your Kit will be with you in 5 ...read more

  • Workshop Workbenches

    We really do know what it means to manufacture a range of high-quality workshop workbenches! We have been designing and manufacturing our workbench ranges for over 50 years now! All of our benches come in a wide variety of sizes with a range of hard-wearing worktops and with suitable accessories. ...read more

  • Anti Static Benches For The Industry

    When it comes to safety in the electronic assembly industry, it’s very important. Our range of Anti Static Benches provides protection to the user when working on electric items at a workbench. We have a wide range to choose from so you can be sure to find the right ESD ...read more

  • Industrial Heavy Duty Workbenches

    Heavy Duty by name, Heavy Duty by nature! Our Heavy Duty Workbenches are our largest bench load capacity within our vast range by having an impressive 1200KG UDL. This design sits perfectly within heavy-duty areas such as industrial workshops, manufacturing facilities, garages, and production plants. Unlike our other bench ranges, ...read more

  • Electrical Height Adjustable Workbenches

    What is our Binary range? When we first introduced our range of Binary workbenches at QMP, we wanted to offer our customers a premium heavy-duty workbench designed to last. These benches are tough and durable whilst also being able to be adjusted to the optimum height for the user. Our ...read more

  • QMP, A Proud Workbench Manufacturer

    Let us take you back to 1959 when our first Workbenches started hitting the shop floors of many workplace environments! I must say as I wasn’t born then, being a 90’s baby, I couldn’t tell you much about fashion or hairstyles – but what I can tell you, is the ...read more

  • Packing Workbenches from QMP

    We have been manufacturing Workbenches for the trade for many years now, since 1959! So, when it comes to building the ideal workbench and accessory kit, our benches are first and foremost. Within our vast range of workbenches, the one we are highlighting today is our Packing Workbenches. These are ...read more

  • Binary Workbenches from QMP

    Here at QMP, we have been manufacturing workshop workbenches for over 60 years! We proud ourselves by having the knowledge and experience to design built to last workbenches. A little over a year ago, we created a range like no other of our benches. This was the Binary Workbenches range! ...read more

  • Square Tube Workbenches

    Our most popular workbench We produce a wide variety of workbenches here at QMP. With over 50 years of experience manufacturing, we know how to produce top quality workbenches whilst ensuring these are cost effective solutions for our customers. Square Tube Workbenches are suitable for use in assembly, production and ...read more

  • Packaging Workbenches from QMP

    Within our extensive Workbench category, we have manufactured a range of packaging benches. These being our Pack Tek Workbench range! They are perfect for use within the packing industry commercial or general packing areas, manufacturing facilities or assembly areas. We have designed a range of Packing Workbenches that are not ...read more