• Halloween Storage Solutions

    Witch storage solutions thumbnail

    QMP has the perfect Halloween storage solutions for any wicked witch this spooky season! If you need space to brew up some ghastly spells in a cauldron, store poisonous potions or hang up that witch’s hat, QMP’s versatile product range caters to any storage needs, no matter how fiendish they ...read more

  • QMP’s Workbench Kits

    Here at QMP, we believe that ensuring quicker lead times for our core range of Industrial Steel Workbenches are essential. That’s why we have our best selling workbenches stocked in our warehouse as Express Workbench Kits, and available on a 5 working day delivery service are our Square Tube bench ...read more

  • Packaging Workbenches

    importance of packaging thumbnail

    Packaging workbenches for logistics QMP’s range of packaging workbenches is the ideal solution to Logistics and transport packaging needs. Packaging is an important part of logistics and transport. If the appropriate precautions aren’t taken, items could be damaged in transit. Not a lot of thought is given to packaging as ...read more

  • Trio of Workshop Workbenches

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    The ultimate Trio of Workshop Workbenches For over 50 years, QMP has been designing and manufacturing a wide selection of workbenches. All of our benches come in a large variety of sizes, with a range of hard-wearing worktops and suitable accessories. Our terrific trio of workbenches – The Heavy Duty ...read more

  • Workbench Worktops

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    QMP’s vast range of workbenches features a wide choice of workbench worktops. This ensures that your workplace can select the perfect worktop that will best suit the needs of your business. Why is choosing the right workbench worktop so important? Depending on the purpose of the workbench in your workplace, ...read more

  • Benefits of an Adjustable Height Workbench

    Is it time to make a stand in the workplace?! It is generally well-known that sitting at work for 8 hours a day can be bad for your health, so today QMP takes a look at the benefits of an adjustable height workbench in the workplace. Sitting and working at ...read more

  • What is ESD?

    What is ESD? ESD stands for Electrostatic discharge and it can occur when two surfaces come into contact and create friction with each other. Examples of this in everyday life include : after tumble drying clothes or walking on a carpet then touching a metal door-handle. One surface becomes positively ...read more

  • Product Configurator

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    The QMP Product Configurator tool allows you to design and customise the perfect product for your workplace. The tool is now available for our Square Tube, Cantilever and Heavy Duty Workbenches! The Configurator allows you to select the features and accessories to suit your needs. You can then view your ...read more

  • ESD Workbenches

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    QMP’s range of ESD Workbenches provide protection to the user when working on electric items in the workplace. With a wide choice available you can be sure to find the right ESD bench to suit your work environment. These include ESD Square Tube, Cantilever and the Premium Height Adjustable Workbench. ...read more

  • Bespoke Product Design

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    Take advantage of QMP’s Bespoke Product Design Service.Although QMP offers a huge range of products you may have specific needs for a custom product to fit your work environment. These projects have an intricate design process – where ideas transform into workable solutions fitting precise specifications. Our experienced sales team ...read more