QMP, A Proud Workbench Manufacturer

Posted on July 28th 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

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Let us take you back to 1959 when our first Workbenches started hitting the shop floors of many workplace environments! I must say as I wasn’t born then, being a 90’s baby, I couldn’t tell you much about fashion or hairstyles – but what I can tell you, is the quality of our Workbenches that has lasted for well over 60 years within the industry! Since 1959, our Workbenches started strong and finished in top place and have evolved through the industry demands over the decades.

A Proud Workbench Manufacturer

Firstly, where did our range start?
From our knowledge, the first bench range manufactured from QMP was our Angle Frame Workbenches. This bench style today, over the years has evolved to our Heavy Duty Workbenches. We then introduced ranges of our knock-down benches, these being our Square Tube, Cantilever, ESD Square Tube, and ESD Cantilever Benches. With benches such as Premium Manual Height Adjustable, Cost-Saver Height Adjustable Workbenches, and Stainless Steel Workbenches shortly following.

Workbench Manufacturer

Workbench Manufacturer

Fast forward to 2021, the Workbench range has gone from strength to strength with product investment and the availability is now down to 5-day delivery for selected workbenches! High-quality, fast delivery! Many investments within our manufacturing facility, combined with the investment in our warehouse meaning we are able to manufacture and distribute to our customers within 5-working days. With decades of different demands within the industry, modern ranges that were never once thought of being amongst our best-sellers. These being the Binary Height Adjustable and Electric Height Adjustable ranges which were designed and manufactured back in 2018. Not only did we introduce a new range but also improved on one of our other designs. This being our Packing Workbenches, now known as the ”Pack Tek” Workbench range with a multitude of packaging

Binary Workbenches & Pack Tek Workbenches

5-Day Workbenches

5 day workbenches

What’s in the Workbench 5-day category?
We have our best-sellers within the Workbench range feature on our 5-day category. These include our Square Tube, Cantilever, ESD Square Tube, ESD Cantilever, and Heavy Duty Workbenches. These benches are available in various bench sizes with the choice of worktops and many above and below workbench accessories.

We are a proud Workbench Manufacturer, along with our other vastly growing workshop and equipment product ranges!

For more information on our vast range of Workbenches, contact our friendly and knowledgable sales team on the below details. Alternatively, you can chat directly with our team via our website live chat!

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