How to clean lockers

Posted on June 20th 2023 by Paul Ellis - Marketing & Business Development Manager.

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Metal Lockers are a versatile and durable storage solution for any workplace. But it’s important that they are looked after correctly to guarantee a long life and continue to protect contents effectively.

Just like any other equipment your metal lockers need proper care and attention.
So here is QMP’s simple guide on how to clean lockers to make sure they stay in tip-top condition.

empty lockers


First of all, remove all of the contents from the locker. This is a great first step to help you declutter anything that’s been hanging around in your locker for a while and is no longer needed.

dust lockers


Now that the locker is empty simply dust out with any dry cloth or material. Do this before you use any wet cleaning materials or perform any deeper cleans. This will remove any dust particles and crumbs that can build up, especially in the corners.
Don’t use abrasive cloths or materials to clean with as this may dull your lockers shine.

wipedown lockers


Wipe down the locker with a wet cleaning material such as a disinfectant wipe. Thoroughly clean down all surfaces, inside and out including the lock. This will make sure that any germs are removed to avoid cross-contamination.
Avoid cleaners that contain hydrogen peroxide, methylene chloride, acid or acetone.

deep clean lockers


If your lockers are particularly dirty they may require deeper cleaning. Simply use hot soapy water to remove any tough dirt and then finish by disinfecting the locker.

leave to dry


Leave the lockers to dry following the cleaning. You shouldn’t have to wait too long but give it enough time to ensure that any bacteria has been disinfected. If you have used disinfectant wipes refer to the instructions on the packaging.

replace contents


Job completed! You can now return all of the contents to your sparkling and ‘good as new’ locker!

QMP’s range of Lockers

QMP manufactures an impressive range of metal lockers.
Here are just a few of our best-selling locker ranges.

standard lockers


Our quality compartment lockers are suitable for a multitude of storage applications. Standard lockers provide the flexibility of four sizes and six-door options. The versatile design makes them easily adaptable in height, width and depth to suit your individual requirements.

express lockers


QMP’S Express Lockers offer the same high-quality design as our Standard Lockers but are available on a 5-day delivery lead time. Express Lockers are kept in stock with a selection of four compartment options with a choice of either light grey or dark blue doors.

executive lockers


Our range of Executive Lockers combines high-quality design with attractive door fascias and end panels. This locker design has a premium feel and fits into any high-end executive office, reception area or foyer.

laminate door lockers


As the door is normally the part of the locker that comes n for the most punishment, QMP offers this premium quality laminate door locker, without a premium price tag. Tough, solid laminate doors are highly resistant to dents and scratches and will not rust.

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