Battle of the Cycle Shelters

Posted on April 12th 2022 by Paul Ellis - Digital Marketing Executive.

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Within our wide choice of Workplace Storage and Equipment products is our range of Cycle Shelters. Many people love to cycle to work especially in spring and summer. But, whilst at work, it’s important to securely store bikes away correctly. With such a large choice how do you know which is best?!

In our Battle of the Cycle Shelters feature two of our products face each other.
In the Blue corner we have our Dudley Cycle Shelter and in the Red corner our Premier Cycle Shelter. How do these Cycle Shelters compare and which is best to suit your needs?

There’s only one way to find out….. FIGHT!

cycle shelter battle of the cycle shelters

1) Environment

Our best selling range. Contemporary design but at a competitive price.

Contemporary design for any traditional or modern environment.

cycle shelter bolted to floor

2) Construction

Can be bolted to the floor or
grouted into the ground.

Must be bolted to
250mm thick concrete.

perspex roof battle of the cycle shelters

3) Finish

Galvanised or galvanised and powder-coated finish.

Choice of perspex or powder-coated steel sides and back panels.

cycle rack

4) Cycle Racks

Designed for use with our
Sheffield Loops and Racks.

Comes complete with twin level integrated traditional rack suitable
for 8 bikes.

So which Cycle Shelter is the winner?

Let’s declare this one a draw!
Both cycle shelters are ideal for many different conditions and environments, so depending on the needs of your workplace both the Dudley and Premier Cycle Shelter provide the perfect solution.
All you need to do is select the right product for you.

Don’t worry we are here to help. Get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team
who will guide you to make the best decision for your workplace.

Click the links below to take a closer look at these workbenches and view our full range of products.

Dudley Cycle Shelter

Our best-selling Dudley Cycle Shelter provides the workplace with a contemporary design but at a contemporary price making this the perfect affordable option for any environment.

Premier Cycle Shelter

The Premier Cycle Shelter has a more curved, contemporary design intended to blend into either traditional or modern environments, providing tidy and secure storage of cycles on any site.

Our range of products also includes Kenilworth Cycle Shelters, Traditional Cycle Shelters, Compound Cycle Shelters, Wall Mounted Cycle Shelters, Cycle Racks and Loops .

Click the the link below to view our comprehensive Cycle Parking range.

battle of the cycle shelters

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