Workshop Workbenches

Posted on October 14th 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

Workshop Workbenches

We really do know what it means to manufacture a range of high-quality workshop workbenches! We have been designing and manufacturing our workbench ranges for over 50 years now! All of our benches come in a wide variety of sizes with a range of hard-wearing worktops and with suitable accessories. These ranges are perfect for use within many different environments and are great for areas such as general workshops, garages, engineering or manufacturing plants – the list goes on! For high-quality choices, choose the QMP Workbench range!

Just a few to mention in this blog are some of our best-sellers, the Square Tube, Cantilever and Heavy Duty Benches. These three ranges alone are sold on a daily, if not hourly basis with our network of customers and have become our biggest bench selling ranges.

Square Tube General Workshop Workbenches

Our best-selling general workshop bench, the Square Tube! This simple yet effective bench design comes readily available in many workbench sizes and features a powder-coated light grey framework. The Square Tube Workbenches are ideal for areas such as light engineering, assembly or production areas or any factory shopfloors. These general benches are delivered in a knock-down form which a capacity of 250KG UDL.

To fully kit out your workbench we have an array of workbench accessories which include under bench lockable storage cabinets, above back panels suitable for small parts storage or hand tools, upper shelves, LED lighting plus much more. The hard-wearing worktops available with the Square Tube range are our solid beech, laminate, MFC and linoleum. The most popular worktops are the solid beech and laminate!

Cantilever Steel Workbenches

Our Cantilever Workbench is suitable for being used as a workstation or desk and is delivered as a knock-down bench. This is down to the design of the framework which has a cantilever leg frame, ideal for storage of workbench seating when not in use. The framework is powder-coated in a light grey which colour matches the many workbench accessories available. Some of the accessories just to mention are above back panels, service ducts, upper shelves, LED lighting plus much more.

The Cantilever benches are readily available in various sizes to suit the overall desired length of space within your working environment. These also feature a range of hard-wearing worktops, including Solid beech, Laminate, MFC and Linoleum. The workbench capacity is based at 250KG UDL, making these units perfect for areas such as light engineering, factory workshops or assembly production areas.

Heavy Duty Industrial Workbenches

The beast of all benches! Our Heavy Duty Industrial Workbenches are perfect for areas such as Industrial or manufacturing plants. The weight load capacity of this range is our biggest yet, with an impressive capacity of 1200KG UDL! The bench design features are unlike or other benches and have a fully welded framework and also powder-coated graphite grey. The sleek design comes with a variety of worktop options including solid beech (our customers favourite), Laminate, MFC or Linoleum.

We manufactured a wide choice of bench sizes ranging from 1200mm wide to 1800mm – perfect for suiting the required workshop space. Along with many sizes, there is also a HUGE range of above and below the workbench accessories. Some of our accessories include, under bench storage cabinets, above bench back panels, service ducts, LED lighting and upper shelves. By adding accessories to the bench you can turn your working space into a fully kitted out storage workbench.

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