Tool Storage Ideal for the Workplace

Posted on July 8th 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

Tool Storage for the workplace

Within our vast range of Workplace Storage and Handling Equipment, sits our best-selling range of Tool Storage Euroslide range. This range features many types of tooling and equipment storage perfect for the workplace, industrial workshops and garage workshops. An extremely heavy-duty range of cabinets, trolleys and workbenches are available in a variety of size options, drawer configurations and drawer colours.

When it comes to choosing the best tool storage product for your requirement, we do have quite a lot of cabinets to choose from. These range from different heights to different depths, many many drawer configurations to suit the storage requirement for our customer. We really do have a lot of storage choices!! Giving our customers a wider choice of tool cabinets, workshop benches and trolleys, means we are the one-stop manufacturer for all workplace storage requirements.

Euroslide Tool Storage Cabinets

Euroslide Tool Storage Cabinets & Mobile Cabinets

Our Euroslide Cabinets are available in a wide variety of drawer configurations, sizes and drawer colour options. We feature within this range two choices of heights including 825H or 1200Hmm. We also have two choices of depths to choose from, these being 650D and 750D and two widths being 600W and 900W. The choices are endless!

Let’s talk about our drawer configurations. We have a wide choice including the following single or double tool storage cupboard. 2 drawers and cabinet, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 with the most drawer being 11 separate compartments. We also feature the option for our floor cabinets of three worktop options. These include solid beech, laminate and a tool tray. Not only do we have an optional extra of worktops, but also drawer dividers inserts – these being either steel or hard-wearing plastic.

Drawer colours, we have four bright and bold drawer front colours to choose from. These include deep blue, dark grey, red and green. These standard RAL colour choices are available across the complete range of cabinets.

We also have manufactured a range of drawer configurations into mobile unit versions too. This is especially good for moving the tools around the workplace but still keeping them safe at all times. This means to tools are not left unattended on the floor or a worktop. Another reason is efficiency, taking the tools to the task means less time walking back and forth for tools needed for the job!

Euroslide Steel Workbenches & Superbenches

Euroslide Workbenches and Superbenches

Within our many different workshop workbench ranges sits the Euroslide Workbenches and Euroslide Superbenches. Both of these ranges are high quality and feature a range of under bench tool cabinets and above bench workbench accessories. Just a few to mention the above workbench accessories include service ducts, back panels.

Euroslide Workbenches:

A standard, but quality Euroslide workbench suitable for all types of workplace environments such as industrial, engineering, production or warehouses. These workbenches are manufactured with the same level of quality our standard workbenches are and feature a range of cabinets to fit neatly underneath. The cabinets available are from our 825H Tool Cabinet range, however, we do have one version that fixes to the top of the workbench. A small storage 2 drawer, this is perfect for smaller storage tools such as hand tools. Like our other workbenches, these have a range of the above accessories. These include service duct worktop and post fitting, LED Lighting, upper shelves and a range of back panels. The back panels are ideal to use alongside clip mix kits for small hand tools storage and our small parts plastic container boxes.

Euroslide Superbenches:

These Workshop Superbenches are perfect for use within areas such as industrial or manufacturing facilities as these are manufactured from a heavier gauge of steel with a thicker framework. The Superbenches have many under bench cabinets available and are fixed onto the top of the workbench which sits sit within the bench framework. A range of accessories to suit include our standard range of back panels, LED lighting, plastic small parts containers, upper shelves and worktop and post fitting service ducts.

System Flow Tool Trolleys

System Flow Tool Storage Trolleys

Our System Flow Tool Trolleys are perfect for taking the tools to the task. A heavy-duty mobile unit capable of securely holding many different types of tooling or equipment. We have a very diverse range available and five in total different tool trolleys. These include IT Trolleys, Tool Panel Trolleys, Shelf & Panel Trolleys, Tilting Shelf Trolleys and the ”A” frame trolley.

IT Tolleys:

Our IT Trolley range is perfect for any workplace and offers the user storage for PC’s when a computer is needed whilst on the move. These Trolleys are designed to feature space for a PC tower and a shelf for the keyboard and mouse. manufactured for the space of a PC tower and keyboard shelf. There is also a choice of adding a single drawer unit to the trolley which offers secure lockable storage for the workplace. As standard, the IT Trolleys have 4x high-quality castors. These being made up of 2x swivel castors and 2x swivel castors with brakes.

Tool Storage Panel Trolleys:

The Tool Panel Trolleys are designed to provide high capacity storage especially suitable for hand tools. The Pegboard panels are used with steel accessories and suited for easily accessible tool storage. These trolleys are great to use with our clip mix kits too. We also manufacture an adjustable plastic container bin rail. This is particularly great for use with our plastic container storage boxes for secure small parts storage. The Tool Panel Trolleys are designed to have 4x high-quality castors which are 2x swivel castors and 2x swivel castors with brakes.

Shelf & Panel Trolleys:

Our Shelf & Panel Trolley offers workplace mobile storage for small parts or hand tools. This trolley offers the user a magnetic back panel suitable for storing paperwork or job sheets whilst on the move. The Trolley also benefits from having an adjustable flat or angled shelf, with the option to fit further shelves – by having shelves this makes it a great storage method for small parts storage or tool storage. As standard, this trolley is designed with 2x swivel castors and 2x swivel castors with brakes.

Tilting Shelf Trolleys:

Our Tilting Shelf Trolleys are perfect for any workplace and provide an all in one shelving storage for the user. This trolley design features adjustable shelves fitted to the framework giving the user the option to use with plastic container boxes perfect for small parts storage or small hand tools. The shelves feature on the trolley design allows the customer to tilt the shelves with a quick-release lever. These trolleys are fitted as standard with 4x heavy-duty castors which are 2x swivel castors and 2x swivel castors with brakes.

A Frame System Flow Tool Storage Trolleys

The ”A” Frame System Flow trolleys are perfect for storing tooling, equipment and also small parts. These trolleys are based at a height of 1650H with 680W or 1000W and 260D. The choice of louvre or perforated panels are available for either small parts or hand tools.

The ”A” Frame Trolleys are available as a static or mobile version with the choice of shelving for storage. The shelves are great for use with small hand tool storage or with the plastic container boxes for small parts. These can have powder coated panels and side frames to match the other Euroslide Cabinets. These being available in deep blue, dark grey, red and green. We also have provided our customer with the option for an all light grey unit too!

Euroslide Tool Storage Trolley Kits

Euroslide Tool Storage Trolley Kits

Kits are the way forward! The Euroslide Tool Trolley kits are designed by our experienced team and feature many variations of tool storage cabinets. These also come with a choice of three worktop options which include a steel worktop, hard-wearing solid beech, laminate and a sloping top with a rubber finished tool tray. We have a total of 22 trolley kits to choose from with high-quality tool storage cabinets and worktop options.

What’s available within the Tool Storage Trolley Kits? A variety of drawer cabinets available as a single cabinet Trolley with shelves and a double cabinet. These trolleys are fitted with four high-quality castors, these being 2x fixed and 2x swivel braked.

The Tool Cabinets have an impressive drawer capacity of 100KG UDL and are designed to fit neatly within the framework of the Euroslide trolley. You can be sure to count on quality with the Euroslide Trolleys. As standard, the height of the trolleys are 960mm with a width of 1270mm and a depth of 675mm.

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