Industrial Safety Barriers

Posted on January 8th 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

Industrial Safety Barriers – all manufacturing workshops and warehouse environments use these as a protection tool. This might be for defining walkways for the protection of employees or used for the protection of racking and shelving or materials. But, when it comes to choosing from our range of Industrial Safety Barriers, we sure have you covered! A bonus is that the majority of our Barrier Units are also available on a fast ship delivery service. Look out for our ”5-Day Delivery” logo.

So, let’s talk about our Industrial Safety Barrier ranges…

Fully Welded Safety Barriers

Fully Welded Barriers

This range is available in various designs which include our Straight Barrier, Corner Barrier and Gated Barrier. These designs enable you to choose the perfect barrier system for your workplace. Whether it’s the Straight, Corner or Gated Barriers, we have an option for all of them to be made with or without mesh infills.

Protective Safety Posts

Protective Posts

These Posts are designed to protect building doors from any accidental damage and are perfect for use within manufacturing areas, warehouses or general workplaces. These are manufactured from a fully welded construction and offer the user additional strength when floor mounting. The floor fixings which support the posts are supplied so they are ready for installation as soon as the posts arrive. These are available powder coated in two colours options, which are all yellow or yellow and back striped.

Lift Out Rail Safety Barriers

Lift Out Barrier Rails

The Lift Out Rail Barriers are designed for the barrier rail to be easily removable which allows access to an area if required. They are made from a heavy gauge of steel making these perfect for areas as walkways, warehouses or industrial workshops. These barriers are available in either a single or twin rail with three size lengths to choose from.

Round Tube Safety Barriers

Round Tube Barriers

Unlike some of our other barrier units which are manufactured from box steel, this range is made from round tube steel. They are great for use within any type of working environment that needs to protect areas such as walkways. Just like our Lift Out Rail Barriers we manufacture these in either a single or twin rail and again offer in different size lengths.

Low Level Safety Barriers

Low Level Barriers

These barriers offer the perfect way to protect items or materials that are located at a lower level. Such as industrial factories or warehouses or where pallet trucks or fork lifts operate within the area. Available in various lengths and two designs which are corner and straight low level barriers. As this style of safety barrier is floor mounted, we supply as standard the floor fixings.

Racking Protection Safety Barriers

Racking Protection

Our range of Racking Protection Barriers offers protection for the end of pallet racking bays from any unwanted damage. These are ideal for use within warehouses and industrial workshops. Not only are these extremely heavy duty and durable, but they are also available in different lengths and bays. The choice of either a single or double bay and 6 length sizes allows you to pick the perfect style and length for your requirements.

Guard Safety Barriers

Guard Safety Barriers

Our range of Guard Barriers are made from round steel and have a fully welded construction. These safety barriers are ideal for protecting walkways, placing around machinery or even around shelving. The range is available in four barrier variations, which include Long, Short, Pillar and Corner. By offering difference styles, it’s ideal for creating a specific barrier layout.

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