What is ESD?

Posted on November 22nd 2022 by Paul Ellis - Marketing & Business Development Manager.

What is ESD?

What is ESD?

ESD stands for Electrostatic discharge and it can occur when two surfaces come into contact and create friction with each other.
Examples of this in everyday life include : after tumble drying clothes or walking on a carpet then touching a metal door-handle. One surface becomes positively charged and the other surface becomes negatively charged causing an imbalance.

Why is managing ESD important?

ESD can cause a real problem in manufacturing or industrial environments and should be avoided at all costs.
The small lightning bolts of ‘ESD’ can cause irreversible damage to electronic circuitry that can be found in many workplaces.
The damage caused by ESD can cost manufacturing and industrial industries millions in repairs and replacements.

So it really is vital that your workplace controls ESD to reduce and limit these events from happening.

ESD can cause:

  • Higher costs
  • Lower quality
  • Reduced customer satisfaction

Types of ESD damage

Damage occurs when ESD is not controlled effectively in the workplace and can be classified as either a Catastrophic failure or Latent defect.

Catastrophic – This is permanent damage to an electronic device after ESD exposure. It could have caused a metal melt, oxide breakdown or junction failure, and no longer works.

Latent – It can be harder to spot a latent device. The device may continue to work but does not perform to its full potential due to the effects of ESD. It can significantly shorten the lifespan of the device, and it can be very costly.


How can you prevent ESD?

 It’s vital to invest in ESD protection. By ensuring you have the essential EPA equipment, you can prevent the risk of static discharge from damaging components and entering your EPA equipment. This can include the following:

ESD workbench


A robust steel workbench featuring an anti-static work top to stop static events from occurring. Worktops include:
Neostat – a dual layer worktop with a dissipative top layer and conductive bottom layer.
Lamstat – Made of plastic laminate which is durable and resistant to heat and chemicals.

ESD wrist strap


ESD mats dissipate charge through a top layer, travelling through the conductive layer, and then the stud to Earth. They are hard-wearing and easy to clean, perfect for frequent use in the workplace.

ESD wrist strap


Charge is safely carried away from the person and discharged safely into the ground. A hazardous charge can not occur as all objects are safely grounded.
This ensures a person sitting on a chair that is not static safe, is also grounded.

QMP’s ESD Products

Our range of Anti Static Benches provides protection to the user when working on electric items at a workbench. We have a wide choice so you can be sure to find the right bench for your workplace. These include Square Tube, Cantilever and the Premium Height Adjustable workbenches.

Square tube ESD workbench

Square Tube & Cantilever Workbenches

Both bench ranges are perfect for use within the electronic industry and are available in various sizes. We also feature a range of anti-static bench accessories including ESD back panels, service ducts, wrists straps, anti-static floor mats and circuit breakers.
The below storage cabinet accessories are securely lockable and the choices are a single drawer, triple drawer unit and storage cupboard.

Cantilever ESD workbench
Premium height adjustable workbench

Premium Height Adjustable Workbenches

These are perfect for use as a sit or stand workstation or a shared desk with employees at different heights. They are available with a Neostat or Lamstat worktop and feature a range of accessories to suit. The height adjustable feature is easy to use with a manual crank handle located on the bench framework.

If you need any assistance feel free to get in touch with our friendly sales team.

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