QMP’s Automated Robotic Bending Cell

Posted on December 10th 2021 by Paul Ellis - Digital Marketing Executive.

Our new Masters in Metal video series features our innovative Automated Robotic Bending Cell.

QMP designs and manufactures an ever-changing range of metal products which are supplied by a network of distributors throughout the UK.

Our 150,000 sq ft manufacturing facility is equipped with some of the most sophisticated machinery in the world. 
So let’s take a closer look at one of those amazing pieces of technology that helps QMP to produce high-quality products.

Masters in Metal provides an indepth look at the innovative piece of equipment. Click the link below to check out the video!

Phase 1 – Loading

Amada Bending Cell

This is where the punched sheet steel is collected ready for bending. This robot has automatic onload and off load capabilities.

Phase 2 – Bending

Amada Bending Cell

The component is bent into shape using a press brake method. This allows for precision folds time and time again.

Phase 3 – Turning

Amada Bending Cell

This phase allows the Bending Cell to bend all 4 sides of the component in one clean movement.

Phase 4 – Completion

Amada Bending Cell

As this machine has automatic offload, once the part is bent, the Astro will load a pallet with the finished part.

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Look out for the next Masters in Metal feature coming soon and learn more about QMP’s innovative equipment!

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