Secure Cycle Parking From QMP

Posted on September 9th 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

Cycle Parking

When it comes to securely store bikes we manufacture a wide range of Cycle Parking to suit. From Cycle Shelters to compounds to our simple yet effective bicycle storage racks. We have a range to suit all types of outdoor environments such as office buildings, schools, colleges or commercial properties. The Cycle Shelters come with an array of designs in many different sizes so you can be sure to find the ideal bike storage for your workplace or school.

Our best-selling shelters include the likes of Dudley and Traditional shortly followed by our Kenilworth and Premier. These shelters fit hand in hand with our range of Sheffield loops and bike racks. We also manufacture a range of 5-day delivered bike racks with are stocked within our warehouse and readily available!

Express Delivered Bike Storage Racks

Bike Storage Racks

Sheffield Cycle Racks:
The express delivered cycle racks comprise of the Sheffield Loops as a ready-to-install flat-pack rack. The choices of rack loops include 2, 3, 4 or 5 loops with a galvanised finish. These racks are perfect for use within many of our Cycle Shelters or to be individually used on their own. The Cycle Racks are manufactured from durable galvanised steel to protect against bad weather conditions and other wear and tear.

Sheffield Cycle Loops:
This is one of our best-selling cycle racks for the secure storage of 2 bikes per loop and are perfect for use with the majority of our Cycle Shelters or individually. These loops can either be floor mounted using bolts or grouted into the underground for extra stability. The loops are manufactured with a galvanised finish to withstand bad weather conditions and other wear and tear.

Cost-Saver Bike Racks:
The Cost-Saver racks are available as a single or double storage bay. This allows bike storage for up to two bikes and are powder coated sleek black. The contemporary design blends seamlessly in any bike storage area. We also feature a range that is wall-mounted for a space-saving bike storage solution.

Best-Selling Cycle Parking Shelters

Traditional & Dudley Cycle Shelter

Traditional Cycle Shelters:
A traditional cycle shelter that has been within our range of cycle parking for many years! These are available in various sizes to suit your bicycle storage requirements. This style of cycle shelter is normally sold together with our Traditional Bike Racks, but can also be used with our Sheffield racks and loops. The Traditional cycle shelter is available with the choice of galvanised sheets for the roof, back panel and sides or a galvanised roof with decorative light grey perforated steel panels. An array of colour framework choices are also available which are our standard range of colours including red, green, blue, black or light grey.

Dudley Cycle Shelters:
One of our best-selling cycle shelters, the Dudley! This is one of our budget yet effective designs of bike storage shelters come available in various sizes. These include 2m or 4m widths, which sit perfectly with our range of Sheffield Loops and Racks. We have many choices of framework colour options to choose from including red, green, blue, black and light grey. And also offer the framework just as a galvanised finished option too! By offering many different colours to our customers, they can colour coordinate with a brand or colour scheme or simply inject some colour into their outdoor bicycle storage.

Compound Cycle Parking

Compound Cycle Parking

For larger bike storage, our Cycle Compounds are perfect by offering bicycle storage for up to 48 bikes. This style of compound comes with the choice of three widths include 3m, 6m or 9m with a lockable gate or lockable gate and canopy. A stylish design suitable for all types of outdoor environments such as large office buildings, schools or colleges with a choice of framework colour options. These include red, green, blue, black and light grey. Great for colour coordinating with a company or school brand or simply adding a splash of colour for your bike storage.

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