Electrical Height Adjustable Workbenches

Posted on August 24th 2021 by Charlie Hargreaves.

Electrical Height Adjustable Workbenches

What is our Binary range?

When we first introduced our range of Binary workbenches at QMP, we wanted to offer our customers a premium heavy-duty workbench designed to last. These benches are tough and durable whilst also being able to be adjusted to the optimum height for the user. Our Binary range is comprised of 3 different systems. These are our: Fixed Height Workbenches, Manual Height Workbenches and finally our Electrical Height Workbenches. In this blog, we focusing on our Electrical Height Adjustable Workbenches and their applications in the workplace.

Binary Electrical Height Adjustable Workbenches

Our Electrical Height Adjustable Workbenches are one of our more premium workbenches. There is no need for the use of allen keys or tools to adjust the height of this workbench. They allow our customers to effortlessly adjust the height of their workbenches with a simply designed two-button adjustment switch, making it quick and easy to change the height of a workbench. Additionally, we offer a more specialist option with our premium adjustment module. This feature allows users to store up to 3 specific heights in memory. This allows users to make adjustments to each level easily. This is ideal if a workbench is being shared between employees of different heights. Furthermore, Electrical Height Workbenches are the fastest Binary range in changing height. A great way to save time in the workplace when adjusting a workbench!

Electrical Height Adjustable Workbench

Electrical Binary Workbenches can have their height adjusted from 660mm to 1300mm. The width options for our electrical height units are 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm. Our Binary Electrical Workbenches have a UDL of 240kg when evenly distributed. This impressive weight load means customers can use their workbenches in heavy-duty environments such as industrial or warehouse environments.

We offer different worktop options to suit the preferences of each of our customers. We offer a 30mm thick laminate or 27mm solid beech thick worktop option. Laminate is our most durable worktop option with a sleek design. Alternatively, our Beech top looks good even after rigged use due to the fact it can be sanded. The choice just simply depends on the customer’s preference.

Workbench Accessories

As with our entire range of Workbenches here at QMP, we offer a wide range of accessories to accompany our workbenches. All of these accessories have features to make employees working day easier. For example, extra shelving and plastic containers allow for more storage space. Service Ducts allow for the use of electrical plug-in equipment. Whatever the requirements, our accessories will transform workbenches into highly functional workstations. Here are just some of the accessories on offer:

  • LED Lights for superior lighting
  • Service Ducts allow for the use of plug sockets on the workbench
  • Upper Shelves for extra storage space
  • Back and side panels
  • Plastic containers for storing small parts and equipment

Click here to see the range of accessories suited for our Binary Workbenches!

Binary Workbench Accessories

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