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Posted on July 23rd 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

Packing Workbenches

We have been manufacturing Workbenches for the trade for many years now, since 1959! So, when it comes to building the ideal workbench and accessory kit, our benches are first and foremost. Within our vast range of workbenches, the one we are highlighting today is our Packing Workbenches. These are perfect for packing solutions within the workplace. The types of environments these styles of benches sit within are packaging manufacturers or production lines.

The Packing Workbenches or as we like to call them our Pack Tek Benches are available in many forms. These being available in various sizes with the choice of MANY above and below accessories to choose from. So, what’s within the range of Packing Workbenches? Dual and Individual Bench Kits – perfectly crafted by our technical team and packing experts. Or the added option to fully kit out your very own bench.

Create your own Packing Workbenches

Create your own Packing Workbenches

When it comes to picking the perfect packaging workbench, our kits might not be all that you need or more than you need! But, within this range, we also give the option to create your own for your specific packing requirements. The create your own offers a great range of sizes available with a vast range of above and below accessories. Some of the accessories included are back panels, upper and lower shelves, LED lighting, under bench mobile table, above and below bench roll holders and a cutting knife – both great for use with bubble wrap, shrink wrap or craft paper. Plus with the choice of many more accessories to help with an efficient packing solution!

To see all the Pack Tek Individual benches and accessories to suit, click here. Or for our Dual benches and accessories, click here.

Packing Workbench Accessories

Pack Tek Individual Workbench Kits

Within our Individual Workbench Kits, sits 4 styles. Each with a different above and below accessory pack with the choice of 3 bench size widths. These being 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm. These are also height adjustable which is perfect for use as a sit or stand workbench. These heights vary between 840mm which is the lowest and 1100mm being the highest. The individual bench is designed from a hard-wearing steel tube and offers the user a simple, yet effective packing bench.

The accessories that are included within the individual bench kits are under bench roll holder and lower shelves with the option for metal dividers. For the above accessories, include a worktop cutting knife, above bench roll holder, upper shelves with the option for metal dividers, different styles of back panels such as perforated, louvre and magnetic or a louvre notice pinboard.

Pack Tek Individual Workbenches
Pack Tek Individual Workbench Kits

Pack Tek Dual Workbench Kits

Just like our Individual Packing Workbenches, the Dual Pack Tek Workbenches are designed with a number of hard-wearing accessories, but these are slightly different in style. The dual kits offer a workbench that is split for accessories underneath the workbench. This allows for use such as our under bench table or the under bench roll holder. By manufacturing the bench like this means the customer can benefit from the choice of two bench accessories. These packing benches are also available in 2 size widths including 1800mm and 2100mm. They also feature height-adjustable leg frames which allow the customer to use from the lowest point of 840mm to the highest point of 1100mm.

The Dual Workbench accessories are similar to the Individual workbenches with more accessories. The added accessories include an under bench mobile table side shelves or side-mounted roll holders.

Pack Tek Dual Workbenches
Pack Tek Dual Workbenches

If we have not covered all the packing eventualities for your requirements, why not head over to our website where you can chat with our team directly! Alternatively, you can contact us on the details below.

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