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Posted on June 17th 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

Binary Workbenches

Here at QMP, we have been manufacturing workshop workbenches for over 60 years! We proud ourselves by having the knowledge and experience to design built to last workbenches. A little over a year ago, we created a range like no other of our benches. This was the Binary Workbenches range! The range provides our customers with the choice of height-adjustable features with an extremely modern design.

The Binary Workbenches design features a sleek and sturdy power coated black framework with the benefit of being heigh adjustable. These are perfect for use as a sit or stand work desk which is very popular. Not only does it gives freedom of different heights but also aids good posture and excellent health benefits. These include helping to reduce back pain, it can also boost moods and energy levels, lower blood sugar levels and also lower the risk of heart disease.

Electric Binary Height Adjustable Workbench

Electric Height Adjustable Binary Workbenches

The Electric Height Adjustable Benches are perfect for easily adjusting the bench to use as a sit or stand work desk. Or indeed if the desk is shared and can be used at different heights for each person. This design out of the complete range is very much the premium solution and is suitable for just about anywhere! But, they are ideal for manufacturing facilities, industrial work workshop areas.

Heights range on these benches from the lowest height of 660mm to the highest point of 1300mm. We also offer these benches in three widths including 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm. We have two worktop options which are Solid Beech of 27mm thick and Laminate which is 30mm thick which offers a weight load capacity of 240KG UDL.

The accessories that are suitable for the Binary Benches are different to our other workbench accessories. This is because whereas our Standard workbench accessories are powder-coated light grey, the Binary are power-coated silver. We also feature aluminium back panels instead of mild steel. The accessories available are Louvre Panels, Magnetic Panels, Perforated Panels, Service Ducts, LED Lighting, upper shelves, half shelves the list goes on! Click here to see the full range that’s available for the Binary Workbenches.

Binary Manual Height Adjustable Workbench

Manual Height Adjustable Binary Workbenches

The Manual Height Adjustable Workbenches offers the versatility of being height adjustable but just at a budget cost. The make-up of this bench is slightly different to the electric height adjustable by being manual and being a different framework shape, this being oval-shaped. How to manually adjust the height on these benches is by the use of an Allen key.

The heights of the workbench can be adjusted between 730mm this being the lowest point and highest point of 960mm high. We also offer these benches with a choice of three widths including 1200mm, 1500mm & 800mm. The worktops options are the same across the range which the choices being Laminate 30mm thick and a Solid Beech 27mm thick. The weight load for the manually adjusted benches is 240KG evenly distributed across the workbench.

Click here to see the complete range of Binary Workbench accessories. The silver powder-coated and aluminium accessories fit perfectly with the black framework design and contrast very nicely.

Binary Fixed Height Workbenches

Fixed Height Binary Workbenches

The Fixed Height Binary Benches are offered as a fixed bench height meaning the bench height is manufactured to the height request of our customer. This is also designed with an oval-shaped structure and features heights of 750mm, 840mm & 920mm. The same choice of worktops like our other binary workbenches, these being the Laminate which boosts a thickness of 30mm and the Solid Beech this being 27mm thick which a weight load of 250KG, UDL.

The accessories that are only suitable for the Binary benches are ideal for use within the industrial or manufacturing sector as they allow storage for tools or small parts. Click here to browse the full range of Binary Workbench accessories.

Would you like to know more about this range, or indeed discuss your enquiry? Why not speak to our friendly sales team on 01384 899800 or you can email us at NEW we also feature a ”Live Chat” option on our website – head over there now to discuss your requirements with our team.

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