Cycle Shelters: Uses in the Workspace

Posted on May 13th 2021 by Charlie Hargreaves.

Cycle Parking - Uses in the Workplace

Here at QMP, we proudly produce a wide variety of Cycle Shelters and Cycle Racks and Loops. Designed and manufactured here within the UK for over 50 years, our shelters come available galvanised and/or in a variety of different colour options to fulfil the requirements of our customers. We offer a wide selection of cycling products to ensure all of our customer’s needs are met.

Our most popular two cycling shelters are our Dudley Cycle Shelter & Kenilworth Cycle Shelter. All the Shelters on offer come produced at a high-quality standard, always competitively priced. Additionally, we provide a weather-resistant treatment option that is applied at the time of manufacture and is highly recommended if shelters are situated within 5 miles of the coast. This weather treatment can protect the Cycle Shelter frame from rust and decay which could be brought on with a high level of salt in the air. 

The many Shelters we provide here at QMP

The Benefits of Cycle Shelters

Having an available space to park and lock up bikes allows employees or visitors to cycle to your place of work. This enables your workforce to have a healthy alternative option to travel to work. Moreover, this can assist in lowering a business’s overall carbon footprint, making businesses more environmentally friendly. So put simply, it allows people to cycle to places of work, reduce companies negative impact on the environment and also frees up some extra car parking for visitors and employees.

We provide a selection of cycling storage to suit the specific needs of our customers. Shelters are great at storing a multitude of bikes in a single area. We also offer a variety of cycling racks and loops, such as our Sheffield Cycle Loops or our Scooter Racks. Shelters provide cover from varying weather conditions, keeping bikes dry and available to ride at any time.

Cycle shelters allow employees and visitors to safely lock up and secure cycling equipment. Racks and Loops enable users to securely attach their bikes using a bike lock. This builds reassurance, with users knowing their bikes are securely stored, reducing the likelihood of theft.

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