Best Selling ESD Workbenches

Posted on March 4th 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

ESD Benches

First of all, what does ”ESD” Mean? Well, ESD is short for Electrostatic Discharge. This is a sudden shock of electricity between two electrically charged objects. This is caused by contact with an electrical short. The ESD Workbenches are designed and manufactured for any electronic industry where the use of electric equipment is being tested.

Within our extensive Workbench category, we manufacture a range of Anti Static Benches. These include our best-selling Square Tube Anti-Static Benches, Cantilever Anti Static Workbenches, and our latest additional ESD Height Adjustable Bench. Anti-static benches are great for use within the electronic industry. By using these types of workbenches the user can be earthed to the bench – save having any nasty shocks!

Let’s talk worktop options across the range…

The two anti-static worktops available are Neostat and Lamstat. Check out the specifications below to see how the two worktop options differ…

Neostat: A synthetic rubber based sheet material for covering ESD workstations. For general assembly, inspection, and test applications where live equipment is not exposed.

The material is highly resilient, heat, hot solder and flux resistant.

Leakage Resistance:10 to the power of 6 – 10 to the power of 8 ohms
Top Layer:Conductive
Colours:Blue or Grey
Finish:The surface has a lightly embossed texture to eliminate glare.
Light Reflection:                   29%
Relevant Standards:              BS EN 61340-5-1 :2001-Protection of Electronic Devices from Electrostatic Phenomena.

Lamstat: Worktops are 20mm thick with chipboard core- Actual Lamstat thickness is 8mm. Leakage resistance is 10 to the power of 6 — 10 to the power of 8 ohms conforming to BS IEC 61340-5-1. Resistance to heat, resistance to molten solder, oil pot test 20 minutes at 180 degrees and cigarette test meets the requirements of EN438. Abrasion and scratch resistance Level 3 Class H to EN43.

Chemical resistance: resistant to organic solvents, weak acids, alkaline, petrol, and oil meets the requirements of EN438.

Square Tube ESD Workbenches

Square Tube Workbenches

Our customer’s favorite… The Square Tube ESD range comes available with two choices of worktop options and accessories. These benches are based on our standard range of Square Tube, but have ESD properties suitable for the electronic industry.

As these benches come in various sizes we meet the specific requirements of our customers depend on their area space. As standard these benches sit at an overall height of 840mm, however, two other height sizes are available. These being 760mm and 920mm.

5 Day Delivery – we also offer a 5 day delivery service on a selection of sizes and accessories for these benches. Check out the 5 day range here.

Cantilever ESD Workbenches

Cantilever ESD Workbenches

The Cantilever ESD Benches are designed exactly the same as the Square Tube ESD but feature a different framework design. This design allows the user to sit comfortably and to treat this like a desk instead of a station.

This style of workbench is available in various sizes to suit the user’s requirements. Not only are these available in many sizes, but they also have above and below accessories. Some of these including under bench storage, above workbench anti-static back panels, and LED lighting.

5 Day Delivery – Just like our Square Tube ESD Benches, we also offer the Cantilever Anti Static benches on a 5 day lead time. Check out this range here.

Premium Height Adjustable Anti-Static Workbenches

Premium Height Adjustable ESD Workbenches

ESD & Height Adjustable – The Premium ESD Benches not only provide safe us within electronic industries but also have a height-adjustable feature. This range is based on our Premium Height Adjustable Workbenches but has a bonus of ESD properties.

This is especially great in today’s current market with height-adjustable benches becoming more and more popular in workplaces. The manual height-adjustable crank handle allows the bench to go from the lowest point of 730mm to the highest point of 950mm.

The Premium ESD Benches are available in a wide range of sizes with a range of above and under bench accessories.

Installation From QMP – ESD Range

Not only do we provide high quality Anti Static Workbenches to our customers, but also have a team to install on-site too! Our highly skilled team arrive on-site with the workbenches ready to unload, put into place and erect the workbenches.

For more information on our range of Anti Static Workbenches or indeed our other Workbench ranges. Then please get in touch with our friendly sales team for your enquiry who will be more than happy to help 👇