QMP’s Industrial Lockers

Posted on February 25th 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

We have been manufacturing Industrial Lockers along with our other workshop products for many years now. The Locker ranges that we manufacture are available in a wide variety of style choices, sizes and colours. Each one of our lockers is designed for a purpose of lockable storage, but some have very different specific features that our customers require.

Some of our Lockers have different features, which include charging facilities like our Laptop and Tablets Lockers or Tool Charging Lockers. Whereas others are manufactured at a lower height for primary schools and Perspex Door Lockers which are designed for use in airports or where contents of a locker need to be seen. We really do have such a wide range of Lockers to choose from, offering great quality with a variety of purposes for our customers.

Let’s discuss some of our best-selling Lockers and our Industrial range with unique features…

Industrial Lockers with Padlock Fitting

Padlock Lockers

Our Padlock Lockers are great for use within different workplace environments where the customers can lock their contents away with their own padlock. This locker option is particularly great for use with areas such as public spaces, gyms, secondary schools or colleges.

Each door compartment is fixed with a welded padlock plate. The padlocks aren’t supplied with the locker, but they are securely locked with a standard padlock. They are available in various door compartments and size dimensions but are all 1800mm in height. Sizes available for these lockers are 300W x 300D, 300W x 450D, 380W x 380D and 450W x 450D. The compartment options include 1, 2, 3,4 and 6 tiered locker.

We also have an extensive choice of door colour options to go with the light grey carcass. These include matching light grey doors, dark blue, red, yellow, green or light blue. A great way to match any workplace branding or colour code in a certain public area.

Industrial Lockers with 3-Point Security Fitting

Secure Lockers

The real deal! Our Secure Lockers offer hard-wearing security with a 3-point locking system. These lockers are perfect for storing valuable items or just a requirement for heavy-duty lockers. The 3-point locking offers extra security to the goods stored within the locker. They are widely used within environments such as offices, industrial workshops, commercial workplaces, colleagues, or universities and indeed within public spaces.

Secure Lockers are available in a wide choice of dimensions and door compartment options, and again are available at an overall height of 1800mmH. The compartment options available different to our other ranges, these being only available in up to 3 compartments.

The door colours however are indeed the same as our Padlock Lockers being offering to match the light grey carcass with light grey doors. Or the options of dark blue, red, yellow, green or light blue.

Standard Lockers

Standard Lockers

Unlike our other Lockers we have covered, this range is our standard range for all purposes. These Standard Lockers we would say are up in the top 5 sellers as they are ideal for practically anywhere for any types of storage! They are manufactured to suit areas such as offices, general commercial areas, schools, staff rooms… the list goes on! They cover all types of storage requirements that our customers need.

The Standard Lockers are again designed at an overall height of 1800mmH. We offer these in various compartment options including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 tiers. The Locker sizes available are 300W x 300D, 300W x 450D, 380W x 380D and 450W x 450D.

With a wide choice of door colour options again like our Padlock and Secure Lockers, these are great to match a workplace colour scheme or colour coding certain storage areas. But, we offer an additional door colour with our Standard range of dark grey – which we find very popular along with our dark blue door option.

Express Lockers

Express Lockers

Within our warehouse, there are many QMP products that are kept in stock. These products are available to be delivered within 5 working days. We have two Locker designs that are in our 5 day range. These are our Personal Effects Lockers and our Express Lockers.

Our Express Lockers are ideal for all types of storage requirements and areas. Some areas include office staff rooms, offices as general storage, commercial premises, or workplaces.

The Express Locker range are based at an are overall high 1800mm with the choice of 300W x 300D or 300W x 450D, with light grey or dark blue doors. We also offer various compartment options including 1, 2, 4 or 6 tiers to suit the customer’s storage needs.

For more information on our complete range of Lockers, click here or alternatively, you can enquire about any of our Locker ranges with our friendly sales team.