Team Leader Workstations

Posted on February 12th 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

Team Leader Workstations

We manufacture a wide range of Workstations which are perfect for areas such as manufacturing, workshops or industrial areas. One, in particular, is our Team Leader Workstations. These are our 5 day delivered range which is configurated with lockable cupboards and drawers.

Perfect for the tough environments such as the industrial workplace for team leaders, supervisors, or line managers who work within production areas but need a workstation. The compact design recognises the pressure on the factory workspace but still allows the team leader to have a workstation equipped with everything they need.

Configurations available

We have carefully selected several configurations that would be suitable for any working environment in need of a quality workstation and are available on a 5 day service.

Here are choices, either available with flat or a sloping top – Workdesk only, Workdesk and single drawer, Workdesk and storage cupboard, Worksdesk with triple drawer, Workdesk with 2x single drawers, Workdesk with single drawer and cupboard, Workdesk with triple drawer and cupboard, Workdesk with single drawer and triple drawer and Workdesk with double cupboard. Click here to browse the complete range.

Express Workstations

Build your own Workstation

Not only do we offer our stocked Team Leader Stations, but we offer a build your own option. This includes the option to choose your under station storage requirement and also having a coloured sloping top. These also have the feature of having above accessories allowing the customer to fully kit out the station as required.

Workstation colour options

Other Workstations that are available…

If our Team Leader Stations aren’t for you, then we manufacture two other ranges. These being our Standard Workstations and Computer Storage Workdesks.

Standard Range of Workstation cupboard options

Our Standard range of Workstations is designed to provide secure storage for general workplace equipment, paperwork, or any documentation. The range includes single or double depth workstations with a choice of flat or sloping top finishes and are available in a variety of different configurations.

These workstations are perfect for the workplace environment including goods inwards department, despatch, or assembly areas.

Computer Storage Workdesks

Standard Range of Workstation cupboard options

The IT Workdesks are a popular range when using a computer out of an office such as a factory floor, but you wish to store the PC and monitor in a lockable station, ideal when you need your IT equipment located on the factory floor or near machinery. These desks also come with a range of accessories, back panels with peg or magnetic boards, clip mix kits offering a selection of tools to store items on the back panel, extra shelves for internal use, and ringbinder holder ideal for tidy folder storage within the cupboard.

Again like with our Team Leader Stations these are offered in a build your own or a fully kitted version. Our IT Complete Workstation has all the accessories and lockable storage compartments needed for the job!

Workstation Computer monitor cupboard

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