Modular Heavy Duty Workbenches

Posted on February 4th 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

Modular Heavy Duty Workbenches

Here at QMP, we have been manufacturing Workbenches since 1959. Now that’s quite some time to perfect the design and quality! Out of our entire range, three ranges spring to mind which are our Heavy Duty Workbenches, Euroslide Benches and Binary Electric Height Adjustable.

These three workbench designs not only have impressive weight load capacities but also feature a range of quality accessories to suit. This allows our customers to fully kit out the workbench. Making this ideal for any garage, workshop, factory shop floor – or just about anywhere!

Let’s check out there best features…

Heavy Duty Workshop Benches

Heavy Duty Workbenches
An impressive range and one of our strongest workbenches of all. A fully welded framework, ideal for use within industrial and manufacturing areas. These are built to last benches!

Weight load: 1200KG UDL
Worktop’s available: Laminate, Solid Beech, Steel Top and Linoleum
Framework colour: Dark Grey
Bench size’s available: Our best-selling sizes are 840mm in height. Either 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm widths. With a workbench depth of 750mm. But, we have a range of workbench sizing.
Accessories available: Yes, a whole range! Some include LED Lighting, Upper Shelves, Louvre Back Panels and Service Ducts.

5 DAY DELIVERY: Our best-selling sizes for the Heavy Duty Workbenches are also available on a 5 day delivery service – click here to see the range

Euroslide Tool Workbenches

Euroslide Tooling Workbenches…
A range of workshop benches that have under bench heavy duty tooling cabinets. This design is ideal for garages or workshops where the use of secure tooling storage is needed.

Weight load: 250KG UDL with 100KG UDL drawer capacity
Worktop’s available: Laminate or Solid Beech
Framework colour: Light Grey
Bench size’s available: These benches have a height of 920H, with a depth choice of 750D or 900D. The three choices od widths including 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm.
Accessories available: A great was for workbench space with under bench tooling storage. A range of drawer configurations are available within the Euroslide cabinet range. Not only do we have a wide choice of under bench storage, but have above accessories to suit. Some of these include Back Panels, Upper Shelves, Service Ducts and LED Lighting.

Click play on our full range of Euroslide products to see them in action

Binary Electric Height Adjustable Workbenches

Binary Electric Benches…
An ideal range for a premium solution for Height Adjustable Workbenches. These benches are apart of the Binary Workbench family, which includes the Electric Height Adjustable, Manual Height Adjustable and Fixed Height Benches. Click here to browse the full Binary range.

Weight load: 240KG UDL
Worktop’s available: Laminate and Solid Beech
Framework colour: Jet Black
Bench size’s available: Adjusts between 660mm – 1300mm high and comes in three widths of 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm. The depth of this bench is 750mm.
Accessories available: We offer a wide range of Binary Bench accessories which are powder coated sleek silver. Some of these include Side and back panels with a choice of magnetic, lourve or perforated, LED Lighting and Upper Shelves – click here to view the complete Binary Accessory range

Click play on our Binary Workbenches to see them in action

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