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Posted on January 26th 2021 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

We manufacture three ranges of Canteen Furniture which are perfect for all workplaces, refreshment areas or rest areas. The three ranges are our Standard Canteen Seating – our 5 day delivered seating. The Spectrum Colourful Seating and our BRAND NEW range of Covid Safe One Person Canteen Seating.

Standard Canteen Furniture – 5 Day Delivery

A Standard design but not a standard appearance. Most workplaces when fitting out a workplace canteen they look for practicality, but also style. This range is constructed with fully welded framework and powder coated in sleek black. Seating options? We have many to choose from to create the perfect layout. We have available our 2 seater single entry, 4 seater single or double entry and 6 seater, again both available in a single or double entry style.

The durable and sturdy seats are made from a one-piece moulded polypropylene shell and are available in 3 colour choices. These include Deep Blue, Ruby Red or Jet Black.

The best selling range… our Standard Canteen Furniture. Perfect for all environments and kept in stock in our warehouse – available on a 5 day delivery service (only blue seating option)!

Spectrum Canteen Seating

A super hard-wearing design is suitable for areas such as factory floors, warehouse rest areas or industrial premises. The style of the Spectrum Canteen Furniture is available in 2, 4 or 6 seater option and has the choice of vibrant coloured seats. They really do look good in every colour… the seat colours available are, Dark Grey, Ruby Red, Vibrant Green and Deep Blue. By offering a wide choice of colours allows the workplace to colour co-ordinate which certain food areas or brand colouring.

The construction is a little different to our other seating options and features a fully welded and steel construction – that being both the framework and the seating.
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Introducing the NEW range: COVID-19 Safe Single Seater Canteen Seating

Canteen Table for one person - Covid Safe

With such uncertainty in the world at the moment, safety for everyone is so important. That is why we developed a range of Covid Safe Canteen Seating that allows social distancing with colleagues when on breaks or in rest areas. This style is made for one person and features a fully welded construction and a sturdy one-piece moulded polypropylene seat shell.

This new range also goes hand in hand with… our COVID Safe Protection Screens. For more information on these – why not click ”Need help? Click to chat!” to speak directly to our friendly sales team 👉

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