Lockers – 5 Day Delivery

Posted on January 21st 2021 by Charlie Hargreaves.

5 Day Delivery Lockers

Fast Delivery at QMP

On several occasions, it will be very important for customers to have deliveries with a fast turn around. This could be for a host of several reasons. Nevertheless, you want to provide your customers with quick and quality service. That’s why here at QMP we manufacture a vast range of quick delivery products, with a delivery time turn around of only 5 days. In this particular blog, we are going to talk about our most popular product ranges – available for 5 day delivery: Lockers.

What’s better than a quality metal locker at a competitive price? Quick delivery! We offer an exclusive range of Lockers that all have a 5 day delivery turn around. The reason that we can offer such a quick delivery of these locker ranges is because they are manufactured and stored here onsite. As we have a vast amount of warehousing space (110,000 square foot to be precise), we are able to facilitate storing a wide selection of 5 day delivery products including our express lockers.

Express Lockers

Express Lockers

Our Express range is of the exact same quality and design as our standard lockers, but available on a fast 5 day delivery time. Manufactured and shipped to your customers as quickly as possible. After all, this is our “Express” range. Our Express Locker range are fitted, as standard, with mastered cam locks with 2,000 differs. These highly useful storage solutions are available as a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 door units.

As standard, the lockers come with strengthen and ventilated locker doors. These locker doors come available in either a dark blue or light grey colouring. As with all our locker doors, they are powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology helping keep workplaces more hygienic. Our Express range comes complete with rust-resistant galvanised shelves.

Personal Effects Lockers

Personal Effects Lockers

Personal effect lockers (Also known as PEL) are the ideal way of providing secure storage for small items. This includes items such as: mobile phones, wallets, or keys. These robust lockers offer users a secure storage solution for valuable items. Available in a range of various door compartment sizes including 20 tiers, 28 tiers, or 40 tiers. Lockers have a through frame shelf for extra security.

Each compartment of our Personal Effect Lockers has security shelves fitted as standard which prevents unauthorised access to compartments below. This leaves users satisfied in knowing that their valuables and belongings can be securely stored. The doors of these units are available in dark blue or light grey to suit the requirements of your customers.

To enquire about our 5 day delivery lockers, please speak to our sales team for more information.