The Journey of Bespoke Euroslide Projects

Posted on January 6th 2021 by Charlie Hargreaves.

Euroslide at QMP

Here at QMP, we are proud UK manufactures of Euroslide. It acts as the perfect solution for tool storage. We offer bespoke designs for our Euroslide range, working closely with our customers on Euroslide projects. These projects have an intricate design process – Where ideas transform into workable solutions fitting precise customers specifications.

Our experienced sales team and hardworking production team can provide our customers with a full design service. This includes a site visit for our team to plan and measure the desired space for the Euroslide installation. Additionally, our specialised production team will provide our customers with CAD drawings. Alongside rendered imaging, customers are able to see what their product will look like in situ.

Euroslide project created at QMP will all go through the same journey before arriving to customers. The journey has 4 key stages which are: Concept, Design, Manufacturing and Installation.

Euroslide – The four stage process


Stage 1 - Concept

The first stage of the process for Euroslide projects is the concept – This is the idea process, discovering what you want for you workspace. We take your ideas and thoughts, transforming them into workable concepts. It is important we work together closely with our clients to ensure their concept can be worked into a design, which is the next phase of the process.  


Stage 2 - Design

Design follows the concept process – this is QMP putting ideas to paper. Our specialist designers use softwares such as AutoCAD to design your Euroslide fit-out’s and how these will fit into specific workspaces when completed. Once the design process is completed, the project transitions to the next stage: Manufacturing.


Stage 3 - Manufacturing

Manufacturing – It is what we know and do best. This is where your Euroslide project comes to life, built by our specialised factory team. With over 60 years of manufacturing experience, we ensure that it’s designed is built and crafted to the highest quality. Using quality parts and some of the most specialised equipment available, we will manufacture one of the best quality euroslide units available. Once the Euroslide units have been manufactured in our factory they are prepped for delivery.


Stage 4 - Installation

The final stage is where we install your design. Possibly the most exciting stage. The bespoke designed project will be hand fitted by a specialist team of installation experts. This final process brings the project to a close, leaving customer satisfied with a robust workspace, designed just how they envisioned it.

Enquire about Euroslide today

And thats just a brief overview of the effort that goes into bespoke Euroslide projects at QMP. For over 50 years, QMP has been manufacturing Quality metal products (It’s in our name!) and we know we provide our customers with some of the best value for money quality metal products.

We truly believe that we provide some of the best quality Euroslide products in the UK manufacturing industry. If you have interest in this service, please contact our friendly sales team on 01384 899800 or email us at

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