Tool Storage Solutions

Posted on December 9th 2020 by Charlie Hargreaves.

Tool Storage Solutions

Keeping your tools secure: Tool Storage

In any environment where tools are used on a daily basis, Tool Storage is need to ensure tools are kept properly and securely. The quality of tools and equipment will keep for longer when stored correctly. This ensures tools can function at maximum capacity for longer, without needing to replace tools and equipment as often.

Euroslide is ideal for storing tools as it is extremely durable managing extremely heavy weights as well as plenty of storage with deep drawer options available. Our Euroslide solutions have a host of tool storage applications – But our Tool Storage Solutions offer more than just a place to keep tools.

Our solutions offer users a space to organise their tools, to allow for maximum proficiency when working with tools and equipment. There are a range of solutions that fit specific environments. For example, mobile Euroslide cabinets are idea for keep access to tools, in places such as manufacturing or engineering.

Euroslide workbench

Tool Storage Solution - Euroslide Workbench

The Euroslide workbench is ideal for customers that want a robust constructed workshop bench. Constructed from heavy duty steel, the framework makes it extremely useful in manufacturing environment.

Each draw has an incredible load capacity of 100KG – Think of all the tools you could store not having to worry about weight! To ensure your tool storage solution keeps your tools safe, there is central locking as standard, guaranteeing extra security. Euroslide workbench cupboard doors also come equipped with perforated panels to fit tool clips for optimal storage of tools.

Euroslide workbenches come complete with a heavy duty worktop. The options available: Solid beech and Laminate – designed to suit heavy duty industries. Also available is a full selection of workbench accessories for full customisation of the unit.

Euroslide cabinet

Tool Storage Solution - Euroslide Cabinet

Euroslide cabinets offer customers a versatile method of tool storage. There are a host of varying configurations for your customers to choose from offering up to a total of 11 drawers. Manufactured from all steel construction for storing heavy tools and equipment. These tool storage solutions offers users a safe and secure location for equipment in industrial and workshop environments.

We also offer a mobile version of our Euroslide cabinet. Mobile Euroslide cabinets come fitted with 2x fixed and 2x swivel braked 5 inch blue resilex castors with robust ergonomic handles. This offers manoeuvrability around any workspace. Application is fantastic in fast paced working environments such as engineering or manufacturing.

Euroslide Superbench

Tool Storage Solution - Euroslide Superbench

The Euroslide Superbench offers our strongest tool storage solution. These units have an overall weight load SWL of 1200KG when evenly distributed. A high quality unit, fully welded for extra strength. Being fully welded, no assembly is required upon delivery.

A range of draw divider kits are available to select from, allowing Customers to select the ideal tool storage solution for them, to ensure tools can be stored exactly as needed. Furthermore, there is a variety of accessories available making this an acceptable solution.

Our toughest solution for storing tools available!

More Tool Storage solutions!

These are only a few examples of what tool solutions your customers could have – If you would like to view our entire range, why not visit our website to see all the tool storage solutions we offer. Additionally, why not check out our other Euroslide Blogs for more information on our Euroslide range?

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