5 Day Delivery: Industrial & Safety Barriers

Posted on February 25th 2020 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

We design and manufacture a range of steel high quality warehouse and industrial Barriers. These Barriers are ideal for use within industrial factories, warehouses or factory shop floors. Each Barrier is powder coated in a highly visible yellow paint making these perfect for their purpose, where it’s protecting doorways with our Protective Posts, around machinery with our Fully Welded Barriers or our Racking Protection Barriers which are ideal protection around pallet racking bays. All of our Barriers have an all-steel fully welded construction and offer the workplace a perfect solution for cost-effective safety.

The Low Level Barriers are designed to protect machinery or items located at a lower level from damage and are ideal for use within industrial environments or where a fork lift or pump truck is frequently used. Each barrier unit is powder coated bright yellow for maximum visibility within the workplace.

This range of Protective Posts are designed to protect building doors from any accidental damage and come with a fully welded construction for floor mounting which offers extra strength to the post upon impact. These posts are suitable for a variety of industrial areas, warehouse facilities or general workplace environments.

The Fully Welded Safety Barriers are designed to create strong protective barriers around machinery and equipment or are ideal for defining walkways through industrial, manufacturing and warehousing areas. Each barrier unit is constructed from heavy-duty steel and powder coated bright yellow to ensure they are hard-wearing and highly visible in busy workplace environments.

The Guard Barriers are made from robust tubular steel with a fully welded construction and each barrier unit is powder coated bright yellow to ensure maximum visibility. These safety industrial barriers are ideal for protecting thoroughfares around machinery and shelving and for defining walkways through industrial environments, manufacturing zones and warehouse areas.

The range of Racking Protection Barriers offer protection for end of pallet racking bays and are ideal for use in warehouse facilities and industrial workshops. Available in single or double bays with 6 sizes including 700mm, 900mm, 1100mm, 1500mm, 1900mm and 2300mm. Each barrier unit is made with heavy gauge steel box section and powder coated bright yellow to ensure maximum durability and visibility in the workplace.

For more information on our 5 Day Workbenches range, please email us at: sales@qmp.uk.com or alternatively call us on: +44 (0)1384 899800