Why is PPE Storage so important in the Workplace?

Posted on March 20th 2017 by Rebecca Brophy - Marketing & Business Development Co-ordinator.

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By law employers & employees have duties concerning the provision and use of personal protective equipment in the workplace. The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002 and the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (as amended) give the main requirements. It is important to safety store P.P.E wear for items such as safety spectacles, goggles, face screen, visors, safety gloves, earplugs, earmuffs, industrial safety helmets, safety boots, face masks or any other P.P.E wear used dependent on the type of workplace environment.


Why is P.P.E wear important to use within the workplace environment?

Storing P.P.E wear correctly in the workplace environment is a duty for both employers and employees as demanded by the law Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002 and the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. Items such as the below should be stored correctly in a clearly marked P.P.E Cupboard or P.P.E Locker;

  • Safety glasses
  • Face Screens
  • Visors
  • Safety Gloves
  • Earplugs
  • Earmuffs
  • Industrial Safety Helmets
  • Face Masks
  • Whole Body Suits
  • Plus much more – dependent on the users workplace environment.


Where to safely store P.P.E wear?

P.P.E wear must be properly looked after and stored in the correct place when not in use. The P.P.E wear when not in use to be kept in a dry cupboard or locker with clear identification labels to identify what the cupboard / locker contains. It is also ideal to keep P.P.E wear in a cupboard to ensure the stock levels of items are recorded and is easy to monitor.

P.P.E Cupboards;

Our Personal Protective Equipment Cupboards enable the safe and separate storage of protective equipment and clothing in the workplace.  The carcass of the P.P.E Cupboard is powder coated lgiht grey and the doors are dark blue with a clear P.P.E identification label, this ensures that the cupboards is recognised as a point of

  • “No snag” handles with 2-point locking.
  • All steel structure with strengthened doors.
  • Adjustable powder coated shelves.
  • P.P.E. Clothing cupboard comes with adjustable hanging garment rail.
  • Supplied with P.P.E labels.
  • Powder coated Dark blue Germ Guard Active Technology paint.
  • Reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1.


P.P.E Lockers;

Our Personal Protective Equipment Locker range enables employees to safely store their Personal Protective Equipment within the workplace. P.P.E. Lockers allow employers to comply with regulations regarding the safe storage of protective equipment. These lockers are powder coated blue and clearly marked with P.P.E. labels.

  • Fitted with standard mastered cam locks with 2,000 differs. Single tier lockers fitted with top shelf and coat hook.
  • Two tier lockers fitted with coat hook in each compartment.
  • Strengthened doors with rubber buffers.
  • Supplied with P.P.E. labels for identification.
  • Powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology paint with dark blue doors.
  • Reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1.


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