Smoking Shelters

Best Selling UK Manufactured Smoking Shelters

We manufacture a wide range of high quality, robust Smoking Shelters. Each shelter features a different design which are ideal for all workplaces, our best selling Smoking Shelters are the Traditional Smoking Shelter which are available to hold up to 12 persons at a time, with our Premier Smoking Shelter holding up to 9 persons. Both shelters are robust and offer more than 50% open area to allow rapid dispersal of cigarette fumes. Our other best seller is the Wall Mounted Smoking Shelters, there are two designs for the wall mounted shelters these being Small or Large. These are our biggest seller and are manufactured to simply bolt to a wall and floor and offer instant weather protection for smokers with the workplace.


UK Regulations on Smoking Within The Workplace

Our UK Smoking Shelters ensure your business complies with legislation governing the workplace around smoking on work premises. On the 1st July 2007, the UK saw a new law come into force, the Health Act 2006. This legislation made it illegal to smoke in public places such as offices, factories, pubs and restaurants. This ban was put in place to reduce the rates of smoking and protect individuals in public places and the workplace from second-hand smoke. With QMP's Smoking Shelter range, you can provide your customers and workforce with a dedicated place to smoke on your premises.

Our Stocked Fast Ship Wall Mounted Smoking Shelters

The Smoking Canopy is designed and manufactured to help smaller companies comply with legislation governing smoking at work, this shelter provides cover for up to 3 smokers and are available in 3 colours including light grey, blue and green. This high quality Smoking Shelter is also available from QMP on a fast ship delivery of 5 working days.

QMP’s Smoking Shelter Weather Treatment

Will your Smoking Shelter be sited 5 miles from the coast? We offer a weather resistant treatment option that is applied at the time of manufacture and is highly recommend if the shelter is situated within 5 miles of the coast. This weather treatment can protect from any weather damage the shelter would receive. For more information and guidance on this service, please speak to our friendly and experienced sales team for your POA weather treatment.

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