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Posted on May 20th 2024 by Paul Ellis - Marketing & Business Development Manager.

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Check out QMP’s informative guide to weight capacity. With such a wide range of metal products,
there really is something to cater to all workplace needs and requirements.

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Our guide highlights the weight capacity of each of our high-quality storage products. Whether it’s Workbenches, Cupboards, Trucks or Pallets, with weight loads varying from 100kg up to 1200kg, whatever the work environment QMP has the perfect solution.


100kg weight capacity

Cost-Saver Height Adjustable Workbench

100kg UDL evenly distributed

Our Cost-Saver Height Adjustable Workbenches are a perfect, affordable way to introduce sit-stand desks into your workplace. These workshop workbenches are easily adjustable using a crank handle fitted to manually adjust the worktop to the required height.

200kg weight capacity

Premium Height Adjustable Workbench / ESD Workbench

200kg UDL evenly distributed

– Our Premium Height Adjustable Workbenches are suitable for use within industrial environments and for heavy use in assembly, production and engineering areas. These benches are manual height adjustable and desk sizes range from a height of 730mm to 950mm.
– Our Premium Height Adjustable ESD Workbenches offer static dissipative properties which act as protection from an electrostatic charge.

240kg weight capacity

Binary Height Adjustable Workbench

240kg UDL evenly distributed

QMP’s Binary Height Adjustable Workbenches are heavy-duty and built to last, with strong steel construction and heavy-duty hard-wearing worktops, this provides the user with a premium bench solution for the workplace, perfect for everyday industrial use.

250kg weight capacity

Square Tube & Square Tube ESD Workbench /
Cantilever & Cantilever ESD Workbench /
Mailroom Workbench / Pack Tek Workbench

250kg UDL evenly distributed

– Our Square Tube Workbenches are suitable for use in assembly, production and light engineering. They are available in various sizes with high-quality durable worktop options.
– Our Cantilever Workbenches feature a cantilever construction. The framework of this workshop bench allows maximum capacity for legroom within the workplace for the user.
– The following Workbenches are also available : Square Tube ESD Workbenches, Cantilever ESD Workbenches, Mailroom Workbenches and Pack Tek Workbenches.

1200kh weight capacity

Heavy-Duty Workbench /
Euroslide Workbench & Superbench

1200kg UDL evenly distributed

– Our range of Heavy Duty Workbenches have a fully welded construction and are perfect for heavy-duty applications within industrial, engineering or manufacturing facilities.
– The Euroslide Workbench range offers the user a robustly constructed workshop bench with the choice of 3 widths including; 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm to suit the user’s requirements.
Euroslide Superbenches offer a heavy duty framework of 50×50 box section with hard wearing worktops. They are great for industrial or manufacturing workshops, or to complete a garage fit-out.


50kg weight capacity

Standard Cupboards Range

50kg Shelf Capacity

The majority of our wide range of storage cupboards feature a 50kg shelf capacity. Some of our best-sellers include Hazardous Substance Cupboards, CoSHH Cupboards, Workplace Cupboards and PPE Cupboards.

100kg weight capacity

Euroslide Range / Multi-Storage Cupboards

100kg Drawer/Shelf Capacity

– QMP’s extensive Euroslide range has been designed for the ever-changing needs of the customer, with various configurations and optional extras. The range which includes Cabinets and Trolley tool storage is fully integrated to allow you to kit-out a complete workshop or build individual workstations.
– Our Multi-Storage Cupboards are made from a welded construction offering the user strength and durability. This large storage capacity cupboard provides extra room for tool cabinets to suit the user’s requirements and is perfect for tough industrial environments.

140kg weight capacity

Security Cupboards Range

140kg Shelf Capacity

Our Security Cupboards feature a fully-welded construction, combined with a superior anti-pick locking mechanism and an impressive 140kg UDL shelf capacity.
Included in this range are Hazardous Security Cupboards, CosHH Security Cupboards, Acid/Alkali Security Cupboards, Pesticide & Agrochemical Security Cupboards, First Aid Security Cupboards and Security Cupboards.


60kg weight capacity

Economy Shelf Truck

60kg UDL evenly distributed per shelf

The Economy Shelf Truck offers a complete, cost-effective solution for the transport of items in school environments, office areas or industrial workplaces.

100kg weight capacity

Boxwell Trolleys / Hazardous Boxwell Trolleys

100kg UDL evenly distributed per shelf

– The standard range of Boxwell Trolleys is ideal for mobile shelving and transportation systems for warehouses, workshop storage and work in transit.
– QMP’s Hazardous Boxwell Trolleys can be used for the safe and secure storage of valuable and hazardous items, they are powder-coated with high-visibility yellow paint.

350kg weight capacity

Sided Trucks / Shelf Trucks / Platform Trucks

350kg UDL evenly distributed capacity

– Our robust and heavy-duty Plywood-Sided Trucks provide the user with an ideal trolley for the workplace environment.
– QMP Shelf Trucks are cost-effective hand trucks with multi-shelf storage for general commercial and heavy-duty use.
Platform Trucks are quality handheld trucks that are designed and ideal for general use in the commercial or industrial industry.

500kg weight capacity

Sack Trucks / Chute Pallets

500kg UDL evenly distributed capacity

– The practical and versatile Sack Truck is constructed from a fully welded steel tube. This offers the user high levels of strength and durability for their task.
– QMP’s heavy-duty Chute Pallets are perfect for use within industrial, warehouse and workplace environments. These pallets can be stacked up to 5 pallets high, giving the user a large amount of storage area in a relatively small amount of floor space.

1000kg weight capacity

Pallets Range

1000kg UDL evenly distributed capacity

We offer a range of heavy-duty pallets capable of holding an impressive amount of weight. They are available in a variety of configurations including our Box Pallets, Half-Drop Side Pallets, Post Pallets, Detachable Side Pallets and Open Fronted Pallets.

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