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Posted on August 24th 2023 by Paul Ellis - Marketing & Business Development Manager.

Here at QMP, we believe that ensuring quicker lead times for our core range of Industrial Steel Workbenches are essential. That’s why we have our best selling workbenches stocked in our warehouse as Express Workbench Kits, and available on a 5 working day delivery service are our Square Tube bench Kits, Cantilever bench Kits, Square Tube ESD bench Kits, Cantilever ESD bench Kits and Heavy Duty bench Kits.

These built-to-last benches are available in a selection of kits, with various combinations of above and below accessories. The kits come in various sizes, such as W.1200, 1500 and 1800mm. The depth is 750mm as standard, however, the height will depend on the above bench accessories; 840, 1600 or 2020mm.

Workbench Kits
840mm, 1600mm and 2020mm height, respectively.
Square Tube Workbench Kit

Square Tube Workbench Kits

These bench kits are one of our best sellers and are ideal for use in assembly, production and light engineering industries. Available in a laminate and beech worktop.

Cantilever Workbench Kit

Cantilever Kits

These are suitable for use as a workstation or desk due to their cantilever leg frame. This is great for storing seating when not in use. Laminate and beech worktops are available.

Square Tube ESD Workbench Kit

Square Tube ESD Kits

The dissipative properties of these benches mean there’ll be no nasty shocks due to the protection from electrostatic charge. These benches have a lamstat worktop.

Cantiliver ESD Workbench Kit

Cantilever ESD Kits

Like our Square Tube ESD’s, these benches offer electrostatic charge protection. As standard, our ESD benches have wrist strap sockets for attaching a wrist strap, which ensures that the user is earthed to the bench. Wrist straps can be purchased separately. These also have a lamstat worktop.

Heavy Duty Workbench Kit

Heavy Duty Kits

And finally the beast of our benches with an impressive weight load of 1200kg! This is nearly 5 times the capacity of our other kits. These benches are ideal for use in industrial or manufacturing plants. Available in a laminate and beech worktop.

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