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Posted on August 10th 2023 by Paul Ellis - Marketing & Business Development Manager.

Packaging workbenches for logistics

QMP’s range of packaging workbenches is the ideal solution to Logistics and transport packaging needs.

Packaging is an important part of logistics and transport. If the appropriate precautions aren’t taken, items could be damaged in transit. Not a lot of thought is given to packaging as it’s often considered that it’s the product that’s important. Whilst that is indeed true, the packaging is equally important because it serves the product.

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Here are five reasons why packaging is so important in logistics and transport.

transportation Packaging Workbenches


If products are not packaged correctly this can have an impact on how it is transported. The correct packaging will enable you to transport goods most conveniently. It will also ensure that everyone remains safe and protected when handling these products during transit.

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Damaged products that have not been packaged correctly can be costly. You can lose money through the product and have to then arrange replacements. You could potentially lose custom if damages occur too often. Packaging the product correctly will ensure it arrives intact, saving you both time and money.

avoiding delays

Avoiding delays

You may have to think about regulations if you are shipping your products to certain locations. Sometimes there may be strict guidelines that you must adhere to when transporting goods. If your product is not packaged correctly this could cause delays at customs and could potentially be rejected.

providing information

Providing Information

Correct packaging can provide useful and vital information to those that will be transporting your products as well as the end-user. Use labels such as ‘fragile’ or similar instructions to help reduce damages or mishandling, ensuring the product arrives safely.



It’s possible that the product may need to be stored before it arrives at its final destination. Be considerate of others and think about where this may be stored by ensuring the item is packaged correctly. Ensure that the product can be easily stored on warehouse shelving or pallets.

QMP’s Pack Tek Workbenches

Our extensive collection of Pack Tek packing Workbenches offers workers a designated space to efficiently package goods. The range also has a selection of accessories available, built to suit multiple types of working environments. This offers users maximum efficiency and flexibility in creating their packing workbenches.

pack tek individual workbench

Pack Tek Individual Workbench

Our Individual packing Workbench allows users to fit full-length accessories, including under bench roll holders, back panels, and cutting knives. Individual Workbenches cover a multitude of uses within the packaging industry. Available in a selection of sizes including 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm.

pack tek dual workbench

Pack Tek Dual Workbench

The Dual packing Workbench can be fitted with split panel accessories and under bench trolleys which provide the user adaptability when customising their bench. Available in either 1800mm or 2100mm widths with a vast range of accessories available to allow you to customise the bench to your requirements.

pack tek workbench kit

Pack Tek Workbench Kits

We have designed a Packaging Workbench System that is perfect for use within large or small packaging workplace areas. These benches are available in kit form, or in modular components – this is great for the user to create their own Packaging Bench for their individual requirements.

pack tek accessories

Pack Tek Workbench Accessories

As with any of our workbenches, we offer a wide array of accessories:

  • A choice of back panel options including Louvre, Perforated and Magnetic.
  • Hard-wearing laminate upper shelves.
  • Below bench accessories including; under bench roll holders and lower shelves.
  • Above bench accessories including; lighting, upper shelves and back panels.

If you need any assistance feel free to get in touch with our friendly sales team.

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