Which locker do you choose?

Posted on June 22nd 2023 by Paul Ellis - Marketing & Business Development Manager.

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With such a wide range of lockers to choose from for the workplace environment,
which locker do you choose?

Do you choose a locker with a steel door or a laminated door? Perhaps the locker doors need to be perforated or clear or you may need additional storage space with a multi-compartment locker.

QMP’s guide to the different types of lockers will help you to make a decision and also provide some suggestions of the products we have available to best suit your needs.

Steel door lockers

1) Steel Doors

Lockers featuring steel doors are the most popular and common choice. They are strong, durable and resilient, able to withstand the general wear and tear of everyday use in the workplace. Steel lockers are most suitable for dry areas due to possible rusting caused by damp conditions.

standard lockers

Standard Lockers

Our high-quality Standard Lockers are suitable for a multitude of storage applications. They provide the flexibility of four sizes with six-door options, with a choice of 300mm, 380mm and 450mm widths.

express lockers

Express Lockers

Our Express Lockers offer the same quality as our standard range but are available on a 5-Day lead time. They are available in a selection of four compartment options with a choice if either Light Grey or Dark Blue doors.

Laminate door lockers

2) Laminated Doors

Laminate doors provide even more durability and protection. They are more heavy-duty than steel doors and can often be more decorative with a premium-feel. These tough lockers are also ideal for wet areas such as changing rooms. Additionally, laminate doors can also feature wood effect doors making them a great choice for office environments.

laminate door

Laminate Door Lockers

QMP’s premium Laminate Door Locker offers quality without the premium price tag. The tough laminate doors are highly resistant to scratches and won’t rust.

executive lockers

Executive Lockers

This range of Executive Lockers combines high-quality design with attractive door fascias and end panels. They fit perfectly into any high-end executive offices, reception areas or foyers.

laminate splash lockers

Laminate Splash Lockers

Our tough Laminate Splash Lockers feature tough and solid doors that are highly resistant to dents and scratches which makes them the ideal solution for wet areas such as changing rooms.

clear door on locker

3) Clear Doors

Some workplace environments may need a locker where they can see the contents at all times. They are the ideal solution for retail outlet staff rooms, public areas or warehouse environments.

perspex door lockers

Perspex Door Lockers

QMP’s Perspex Door Lockers provide safe storage for personal belongings whilst providing visibility of the locker contents. They feature a security shelf which prevents unauthorised access to the compartment below.

perforated door

4) Perforated Doors

Lockers that feature perforated doors can be a great solution where efficient ventilation and maximum visibility combined with security are an essential requirement in the workplace.

perforated door lockers

Perforated Door Lockers

The Perforated Door Lockers are the ideal solution for storing items that need to be visible but also offer ventilation. The lockers are available in 2,3,4,5 and 6 door configurations.

tool charging lockers

Tool Charging Lockers

Tool Charging Lockers are perfect for the secure charging of batteries and power tools. These strong and durable lockers have been CE tested and meet EU safety requirements.

multi-compartment locker

5) Multi-Compartment

Lockers that provide multiple compartments can be a great choice for many different environments including hospitals, cleaning and warehouse facilities. Workplaces may need to store certain items separately such as clean and dirty clothing.

clean & dirty locker

Clean & Dirty Lockers

Clean & Dirty Lockers offer two compartments with a top shelf for the storage of clean and dirty workwear.

staff locker

Staff Lockers

Staff Lockers contain an integral fitted shelf for the storage of small items, along with a full-length compartment for hanging a coat.

charging point in locker

6) Charging Lockers

Charging lockers are a fantastic storage solution for any workplace. Not only do these lockers securely store your valuable products, but they are also able to charge them at the same time. This can include important workplace items such as laptops, tablets and work tools. They are extremely useful in such environments as schools, offices and warehouses.

laptop & tablet charging locker

Laptop & Tablet Charging Lockers

With the number of laptops and tablets used by both businesses and schools increasing, our Charging Lockers provides effective lockable charging storage for laptops, tablets and accessories.

laptop & tablet charging trolley

Laptop & Tablet Charging Trolleys

Our Charging Trolleys allow devices to be securely stored and charged with the flexibility of moving from room to room . Fitted with braked castors for smooth mobility.

QMP’s range of Lockers

QMP manufactures an impressive range of metal lockers.

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