Why buy British?

Posted on March 1st 2023 by Paul Ellis - Marketing & Business Development Manager.

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In today’s economical climate, it’s more important than ever before to support UK trade. So why buy British?

With the current economic issues facing all industries it can be a lot easier for companies and workplaces to buy overseas products in an attempt to cut costs. Are companies really saving money when they purchase products from abroad? In the long-term is this truly beneficial?

British manufacturing is very well known for representing high quality. Buying from overseas manufacturers can come with problems including longer lead times on products and lower quality which impacts customer satisfaction. So does the high-quality product outweigh cost savings in the long term?

Here are 4 reasons why your organisation should be buying British made products:

Support the British economy why buy British?

Support the British Economy

Quite simply, buying British helps Britain!

When you purchase British products, you are supporting highly skilled and experienced UK craftsmanship that has developed over many years. It also helps to ensure the future is bright for the UK manufacturing industry.

Finally buying British products helps the UK to maintain existing jobs and create new jobs.

high-quality guaranteed why buy British?

High-quality guaranteed

British products generally offer an extra level of quality that you simply cannot find overseas. This gives organisations the peace of mind that they have a quality product that will last. This can result in fewer replacements which is more costly in the long run.

Most UK manufacturers in the UK have a minimum of an ISO 9001 accreditation or are working to BS EN 1090 manufacturing standards.

Cheaper isn’t always better

Although the initial outlay for the product may be less expensive, the product may be more costly in the long run. It is unlikely that a lower-quality product will last as long and will then need to be repaired or replaced.

You then also have to take into account carriage costs that may be subject to import duties. So in the end, the product may be a very similar cost to a British made product.

reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your
Carbon Footprint

Buying British also helps your organisation to be a responsible business by actively reducing its carbon footprint. UK manufacturing laws are in line with supporting the environment. Products manufactured in the UK often have a significantly lower carbon footprint than those produced in high numbers in other countries.

Also when buying UK products, your products do not have to be shipped very long distances so this is a great help for the environment!

Why buy British?

ALL of QMP’s high-quality
products are manufactured in the UK

Since 1959, QMP has established itself as one of the UK’s leading trade-only manufacturers. From our site, located in the West Midlands we design and manufacture all of our extensive range of products which are supplied by our network of distributors throughout the UK and Europe.

QMP factory

The current 150,000 sq ft manufacturing facility is equipped with some of the most sophisticated machinery worldwide, wight lights out Punching and Bending, Robot Welding and an automatic Powder Coating Plant.

Check out our factory tour video to see our UK manufacturing facility in action.

If you need any assistance feel free to get in touch with our friendly sales team.

why buy british?

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