Build Your Own Team Leader Workstation

Our build your own Team Leader Workstation range allows you to build your own and specify exactly what accessories and colour combination you require in your factory environment. With a very comprehensive range of below and above workstation accessories available for you to specify.

  • Powder coated light grey framework with germ guard active technology anti-bacterial paint.
  • Available with a range of accessories to suit the user's requirements.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by QMP.
  • Workshop seating available here - please speak to sales.
Build Your Own Team Leader Workstation - Colour Options
Build Your Own Team Leader Workstation - Drawer & Cupboard Options
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.220 W.420 D.420 Single Drawer BEDR04021.
H.435 W.420 D.420 Triple Drawer BEDR04043
H.435 W.420 D.420 Cupboard BECU04041
H.570 W.850 D.450 Double Cupboard CG855745T
Build Your Own Team Leader Workstation - Frames
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.920 W.1000 D.600 Flat Top TLF1010601
H.1060 W.1000 D.460 Sloping Top TLS1010461
H.1060 W.1000 D.600 Sloping Top TLS1010601
H.920 W.1000 D.460 Flat Top TLF1010461
Team Leader Workstation - Accessories
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.760 Rear Support Posts BESP760SXXXX.
W.1000 Shelf Backstop BESB1000XLXX
H.300 W.370 Pin Board (for Louvred Back Panel) BENP3037XXXX
Adjustable Height (550-800mm) Operator Chair BECHAIRT3NFR
H.480 W.1000 Magnetic Back Panel MGBACKBDXXXX
H.300 W.1000 Upper Shelf Laminate BEUS1000PXXX
H.1180 Rear Support Posts BESP1180XXXX
H.480 W.1000 Tool Panel BELO4810ALSH
H.480 W.1000 Louvred Back Panel BELO4810IXXX