Workstation Accessories

QMP offer a wide selection of accessories to complement our workstation range so no matter your specific requirements you're sure to find a configuration of accessories to suit your individual needs. These accessories are designed to be used exclusively with the workstation range; other products from our range have their own associated accessories pages if you require them. The workstation accessories range is made up of the following products;

  • Magnetic Pins (Pack of 6)
  • Backboard - Single Peg Board
  • Ringbinder Holder - Double Width
  • Mobile Base With Castors
  • Backboard - Double Magnet & Peg
  • Extra Shelf - Single Width
  • Tool Clip Kit (Pack Of 6)
  • Backboard - Single Magnetic
  • Extra Shelf - Double Width

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Workstation Accessories - Colour Options
Computer Workstation Accessories
Description Code
Backboard - Single Magnetic DKBACKSMAGXX
Extra Shelf - Double Width ITWFDSHELF90
Magnetic Pins (Pack Of 6) DKMAGPINQXXX.
Backboard - Single Peg Board DKBACKSPEGXX
Ringbinder Holder - Double Width ITWRHOLDER82
Mobile Base With Castors DKCASTORXXXX.
Backboard - Double Magnet & Peg DKBACKBDXXXX.
Extra Shelf - Single Width ITWFSSHELF48
Tool Clip Kit (Pack Of 6) BETCLIPSXXXX.