Square Tube Workbenches

QMP's general workshop benches are suitable for use in assembly, production and light engineering. Our best selling workbenches are available in a range of worktops including solid Beech, Linoleum, MFC and Laminate. A selection of bench sizes and worktop options are available on a quick delivery with a choice of accessories to suit.

  • Ideal for use in assembly, production and light industrial engineering.
  • Height adjustable feet for easy levelling.
  • Powder coated light grey framework.
  • MFC, Linoleum, Laminate and Solid Beech worktop options available, please see image below for options.
  • Full range of accessories available including drawers, cupboards,shelves, louvre panels and service ducts.
  • The standard height available for these workbenches is 840mm, however 760mm and 920mm heights are also available.
  • Delivered in knock-down form for easy on-site self assembly.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by QMP.
  • 5 day delivery options available here - please speak to sales.
  • Workshop bench weight load: 250KG evenly distributed.
  • Standard workshop seating available here - please speak to sales.

Worktop Options

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Square Tube Workbenches - Colour Suffix
Square Tube Workbench - Laminate Worktop 20mm Thick
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.840 W.1800 D.600 Laminate Top Workbench BQ841860PLXX
H.840 W.1500 D.600 Laminate Top Workbench BQ841560PLXX
H.840 W.1200 D.600 Laminate Top Workbench BQ841260PLXX
H.840 W.1800 D.755 Laminate Top Workbench BQ841875PLXX
H.840 W.1500 D.750 Laminate Top Workbench BQ841575PLXX
H.840 W.1200 D.750 Laminate Top Workbench BQ841275PLXX
H.840 W.1800 D.900 Laminate Top Workbench BQ841890PLXX
H.840 W.1500 D.900 Laminate Top Workbench BQ841590PLXX
H.840 W.1200 D.900 Laminate Top Workbench BQ841290PLXX
H.840 W.900 D.600 Laminate Top Workbench BQ849060PLXX
Lower Shelves
W.1500 D.450 Laminate BELS1445PXXX
W.1800 D.450 Laminate BELS1745PXXX
W.1200 D.450 Laminate BELS1145PXXX
Workbench Extension
H.840 W.1200 W.600 Laminate Extension BQ841260PLET
H.840 W.1200 D.750 Laminate Extension BQ841275PLET
H.840 W.900 D.600 Laminate Extension BQ849060PLET
Square Tube Workbench - Linoleum Worktop 20mm Thick
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.840 W.1800 D.600 Linoleum Top Workbench BQ8418608LXX
H.840 W.1500 D.600 Linoleum Top Workbench BQ8415608LXX
H.840 W.1200 D.600 Linoleum Top Workbench BQ8412608LXX
H.840 W.1800 D.750 Linoleum Top Workbench BQ8418758LXX
H.840 W.1500 D.750 Linoleum Top Workbench BQ8415758LXX
H.840 W.1200 D.750 Linoleum Top Workbench BQ8412758LXX
H.840 W.1800 D.900 Linoleum Top Workbench BQ8418908LXX
H.840 W.1500 D.900 Linoleum Top Workbench BQ8415908LXX
H.840 W.1200 D.900 Linoleum Top Workbench BQ8412908LXX
H.840 W.900 D.600 Linoleum Top Workbench BQ8490608LXX
Lower Shelves
W.1200 D.450 Linoleum BELS11458XXX
W.1500 D.450 Linoleum BELS14458XXX
W.1800 D.450 Linoleum BELS17458XXX
Workbench Extension
H.840 W.1200 D.600 Linoleum Extension BQ8412608LET
H.840 W.1200 D.750 Linoleum Extension BQ8412758LET
H.840 W.900 D.600 Linoleum Extension BQ8490608LET
Square Tube Workbench - MFC Worktop 18mm Thick
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.840 W.1200 D.750 MFC Top Workbench BQ841275GLXX
H.840 W.1800 D.900 MFC Top Workbench BQ841890GLXX
H.840 W.1500 D.900 MFC Top Workbench BQ841590GLXX
H.840 W.1200 D.900 MFC Top Workbench BQ841290GLXX
H.840 W.1800 D.600 MFC Top Workbench BQ841860GLXX
H.840 W.1500 D.600 MFC Top Workbench BQ841560GLXX
H.840 W.1800 D.750 MFC Top Workbench BQ841875GLXX
H.840 W.1500 D.750 MFC Top Workbench BQ841575GLXX
Lower Shelves
W.1500 D.450 MFC BELS1445GXXX
W.1800 D.450 MFC BELS1745GXXX
W.1200 D.450 MFC BELS1145GXXX
Workbench Extension
H.840 W.900 D.600 MFC Extension BQ849060GLET.
H.840 W.1200 D.600 MFC Extension BQ841260GLET
H.840 W.1200 D.750 MFC Extension BQ841275GLET
Square Tube Workbench - Solid Beech Worktop 27mm Thick
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.840 W.1200 D.600 Solid Beech Top Workbench BQ841260BLXX
H.840 W.1800 D.750 Solid Beech Top Workbench BQ841875BLXX
H.840 W.1500 D.750 Solid Beech Top Workbench BQ841575BLXX
H.840 W.1200 D.750 Solid Beech Top Workbench BQ841275BLXX
H.840 W.1500 D.900 Solid Beech Top Workbench BQ841590BLXX
H.840 W.1200 D.900 Solid Beech Top Workbench BQ841290BLXX
H.840 W.900 D.600 Solid Beech Top Workbench BQ849060BLXX
H.840 W.1800 D.600 Solid Beech Top Workbench BQ841860BLXX
H.840 W.1500 D.600 Solid Beech Top Workbench BQ841560BLXX
Workbench - Drawer & Cupboard Options
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.435 W.420 D.420 Cupboard Unit BECU04041*
H.220 W.420 D.420 Single Drawer BEDR04021*
H.435 W.420 D.420 Triple Drawer BEDR04043*