Traditional Cycle Shelters

The Traditional Cycle Shelters provide secure storage for bikes with a screened appearance for landscaped sites. Selected shelters can also be used for mixed parking of both cycles and motorcycles by fitting bike racks in one section.

  • Robust all-weather construction.
  • Choice of galvanised or powder coated sheet steel side & back panels.
  • Adjustable feet for on-site positioning.
  • Para-bolts for surface mounting included. Must be bolted to 250mm thick concrete for stability.
  • Site survey and installation available from QMP - please speak to sales for details.
  • Perforated panels are supplied light grey as standard.
  • Powder coated finish in a range of RAL colours with Germ Guard Active Technology paint - find out more about Germ Guard paint here.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by QMP.
  • Bike Racks to suit the Traditional cycle shelter are available here - please speak to sales for details.

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Traditional Cycle Shelters - Frame Colour Options
Traditional Shelter - Galvanised, Closed Back
Size H.W.D Code
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930K*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924K*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524K*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530K*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930K
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924K
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524K
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530K
Traditional Shelter - Galvanised, Open Back
Size H.W.D Code
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924G*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524G*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930G*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530G*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930G
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524G
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530G
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924G
Traditional Shelter - Perforated Sides, Closed Back
Size H.W.D Code
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930C*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524C*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924C*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530C*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530C
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924C
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524C
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930C
Traditional Shelter - Perforated Sides, Open Back
Size H.W.D Code
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930B*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524B*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924B*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530B*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924B
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524B
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930B
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530B