Traditional Cycle Shelters

The Traditional Cycle Shelter provides secure storage for bikes with a screened appearance for landscaped sites. Available in a range of sizes with a choice of galvanised or perforated sides. Powder coated with high quality paint in a range of colour choices including Light grey, Red, Green, Blue and Black. Selected shelters can also be used for mixed parking of both cycles and motorcycles by fitting bike racks in one section - speak to our friendly sales team for more information.

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Traditional Cycle Shelters - Frame Colour Options
Traditional Shelter - Galvanised, Closed Back
Size H.W.D Code
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924K*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930K*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524K*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530K*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924K
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524K
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530K
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930K
Traditional Shelter - Galvanised, Open Back
Size H.W.D Code
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930G*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924G*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524G*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530G*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530G
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924G
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930G
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524G
Traditional Shelter - Perforated Sides, Closed Back
Size H.W.D Code
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930C*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524C*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924C*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530C*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924C
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524C
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930C
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530C
Traditional Shelter - Perforated Sides, Open Back
Size H.W.D Code
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930B*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524B*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924B*EA
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530B*EA
H.2100 W.1900 D.2450 SC211924B
H.2100 W.2500 D.2450 SC212524B
H.2100 W.1900 D.3060 SC211930B
H.2100 W.2500 D.3060 SC212530B