Sheffield Cycle Racks

Our Sheffield bike racks provide secure parking for anything from 4 bikes upwards. These racks are our best seller and are popular for use with our range cycle shelters and compounds.

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Sheffield Racks - Frame Colour Options
Sheffield Racks - Adult
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.800 W.715 2 Loops SRSHT80712VX
H.800 W.715 3 Loops SRSHT80713VX
H.800 W.715 4 Loops SRSHT80714VX
H.800 W.715 5 Loops SRSHT80715VX
Galvanised & Powder Coated
H.800 W.715 2 Loops SRSHT80712J
H.800 W.715 3 Loops SRSHT80713J
H.800 W.715 4 Loops SRSHT80714J
H.800 W.715 5 Loops SRSHT80715J
Sheffield Racks - Junior
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.600 W.715 2 Loops SRSHT60712VX
H.600 W.715 3 Loops SRSHT60713VX
H.600 W.715 4 Loops SRSHT60714VX
H.600 W.715 5 Loops SRSHT60715VX
Galvanised & Powder Coated
H.600 W.715 2 Loops SRSHT60712J
H.600 W.715 3 Loops SRSHT60713J
H.600 W.715 4 Loops SRSHT60714J
H.600 W.715 5 Loops SRSHT60715J