Perforated Tool Cupboards

Our Perforated Tool Cupboards are the ideal storage solution for tools and equipment in your workshop. This high quality cupboard comes fitted with internal perforated panels which can be used in conjunction with our clip kits to hang tooling and equipment. A secure 2-point locking mechanism ensures that the cupboard contents are kept secure when not in use.

  • 'No Snag' handles with 2-point locking.
  • Cupboard shelves have a 70kg U.D.L capacity.
  • Comes with 1 shelf as standard, additional shelves can be ordered, please speak to our sales team.
  • Designed for use with our Clip Kits.
  • Powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology anti-bacterial paint - find out more about the Germ Guard paint here.
  • Reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1.
  • Designed in the UK by QMP, a proud Cupboards Manufacturer.

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Perforated Tool Cupboards - Colour Options
Clip Mix Tool Clips
Size H.W.D Description Code
Various Sizes 18x Single Hook (Length 30mm), 2x Single Hook (Length 60mm), 1x Single Hook (Length 90mm), 2x Double Hook (Length 30mm), 2x Double Hook (Length 60mm), 12x Single Angled Hook (Length 25mm), 3x Single Hook (Length 50mm), 2x Single Angled Hook (Length 75mm), RTCLIPMIX84X
Various Sizes 10x Single Hook (Length 30mm), 2x Single Hook (Length 60mm), 1x Single Hook (Length 90mm), 1x Double Hook (Length 30mm), 1x Double Hook (Length 60mm), 6x Single Angled Hook (Length 25mm), 3x Single Angled Hook (Length 50mm), 2x Hammer Holder (Length 40mm) RTCLIPMIX53X
Perforated Tool Cupboards
Size H.W.D Description Code
H.1800 D.900 W.460 Perforated Door Panels & Back Panel CPF189046Z
H.570 W.820 D.255 Wall Mounted CPF578225Z