Post Pallets

QMP's range of Post pallets are ideal for the workplace with the capability to stack for easier access to materials or stocked items. These pallets are ideal for packaging and manufacturing areas as their easily accessible storage means you'll have all of your materials on hand. Each unit is powder coated dark blue and is designed and manufactured in the UK by QMP.

  • Angled steel corner posts.
  • Fully open design gives easier access to stacked materials.
  • Great for storage of materials and supplies in an industrial area.
  • Powder coated dark blue.

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Post Pallets
Post Pallets
Size H.W.D Code
H.460 W.610 D.610 PPO616146BXX
H.610 W.610 D.610 PPO616161BXX
H.460 W.915 D.610 PPO916146BXX
H.610 W.915 D.610 PPO916161BXX
H.760 W.915 D.610 PPO916176BXX
H.915 W.915 D.610 PPO916191BXX
H.460 W.915 D.915 PPO919146BXX
H.610 W.915 D.915 PPO919161BXX
H.760 W.915 D.915 PPO919176BXX
H.915 W.915 D.915 PPO919191BXX
H.460 W.1220 D.915 PPO129146BXX
H.610 W.1220 D.915 PPO129161BXX
H.760 W.1220 D.915 PPO129176BXX
H.915 W.1220 D.915 PPO129191BXX