Detachable Side Pallets

The range of Detachable Side Pallets are available with a solid steel panel or mesh sided panel. With an impress capacity of 1000KG these pallets are perfect for use within the industrial or warehouse environments.

  • Detachable mesh or steel panel.
  • Up to 1000Kg capacity.
  • Available with a choice of mesh or steel sides.
  • Powder coated dark blue.

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Detachable Side Pallets - Colour Options
Detachable Side Pallets - Mesh Sides
Size H.W.D Code
H.460 W.915 D.915 PDS919146MBX
H.610 W.610 D.610 PDS616161MBX
H.610 W.1220 D.915 PDS129161MBX
H.915 W.915 D.610 PDS919161MBX
H.915 W.610 D.460 PDS916146MBX
H.760 W.1220 D.915 PDS129176MBX
H.760 W.915 D.915 PDS919176MBX
H.460 W.915 D.610 PDS916161MBX
H.460 W.610 D.610 PDS616146MBX
H.460 W.1220 D.915 PDS129146MBX
Detachable Side Pallets - Steel Sides
Size H.W.D Code
H.610 W.610 D.610 PDS616161SBX
H.460 W.915 D.610 PDS916146SBX
H.460 W.610 D.610 PDS616146SBX
H.610 W.915 D.610 PDS916161SBX
H.460 W.915 D.915 PDS919146SBX
H.610 W.915 D.915 PDS919161SBX
H.760 W.915 D.915 PDS919176SBX
H.460 W.1220 D.915 PDS129146SBX
H.610 W.1220 D.915 PDS129161SBX
H.760 W.1220 D.915 PDS129176SBX